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Formerly known as the City of Samhain

This city has its roots directly from the Old Kingdom of Egypt 2600-2100 bce.

It was conquered and renamed by the brother who performed the Memento Mori with his brother Remus. 1a Romulus killing his brother, 1b Romulus using one of the Alba Longa captured females to perform the soul transference, 1c sending his brothers soul to the afterlife in place of the bran newly renamed city of Rome pi 3.1415926535 (e.g. the Einstein Rosen Bridge aka in Nordic Bifrost), Part 2 the Parade (Which was entirely focused on celebrating and honoring the schema of Rome Janus. Which is both the Schema of Rome and the Pyramids of Egypt, at the same time. The foundation syllable of the ceremony Mem is Pharaoh Mem of the Memkaure Pyramid fame, the farthest south and smallest of the Great Pyramids on the Giza Plateau which is just off the right shoulder of the Sphinx. The few commanders who refused to honor or at least Acknowledge Janus in the Parade soon lost in battle. So the Parade and the rest were done till the very last day the empire was in existence. What is not understood is, the East fact of Janus and Jesus are very similar), Part 3 Genius, Part 4 Royals and commoners separate (commoners perform the in effect gladiator games of the public version of the Memento Mori Ceremony, later to be called Witch Burning Times. renamed again post 1780 to Great Awakening Movement� where the same/similar violence, mass murder, genocide occurs with different victims, but the same 5 act behavior pattern. The foundation for the Islamic Jihad of martyrdom; killing the Minotaur through self-sacrifice is the Memento Mori ceremony. Commoners perform the ceremony, the Royals sit back and wait for the Genius among the commoners to Eureka moment to connect with the Quantum Thought, or they separate themselves to have other more complex Quantum thoughts.) who sometimes need to take part in the Ceremony in order to complete the Ohm’s law of closing the Electro-Magnetic circle, to have the input from the Quantum Field needed to rule the culture correctly. But mostly the Royals have to perform their own version of the ceremony in private which is very different, much less to no violence, and more akin to the original Ceremony of Janus. This is the description of the very essence of the base philosophy which the city and culture of Rome was founded upon.

The Rome from 753 bce to 400 ce when the Empire collapsed being replaced by the Kingdom of Italy and the Papal state.


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