Tarot and the Pyramids

To the left the Pyramids of Egypt,      To the Right the Government buildings of Rome Proper

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 The Pyramids forma circle with a large open atrium to the west.


The buildings surrounding the open Forum. The open area

Directly to the South of the Curia Julii and the due North East from the Temple of Jupiter on the Capitoline Hill out of frame in the graphic above so the bottom.

That open area, the buildings originally were it appears based on a very rough and rudimentary application of the same exact angles and degrees associated with the Pyramids of Egypt. the buildings and their locations with each other are at least in general a copy. Rome Proper was built as a copy of the Pyramids.

The Pyramids it appears are a copy of Noah’s Fleet of ships.

Noah’s Fleet a direct physical link can be made between the concepts of the tasks of Ptah standing on the Ben Ben Stone, creating other stones and the gods which stand upon them.

THE buildings of both the Pyramids and the buildings of Rome Proper; it appears at least a generalized connection between the buildings as being a representation of the Ben Ben Stone, the main Curia Julii being one of the major ships.  But the flag ship would be the Temple of Jupiter just feet to the north east.

The Roman Senate shifted its meeting place over the course of the year to different major buildings around the forum.

Which is in line with the evidence from the T Calendar and the associated Ǽrdology research of the gears of the passage of time.

The T Calendar scaffolding was created based on rebuilding how the Elder Futhark itself was made. The Elder Futhark scaffolding was used to build the Hebrew Language.

As each fixed point in the earths Orbit aroudn the sun becomes dominant, that gear becomes prominent.

The one back but Electro-Magnetic positive would be the next fixed point. One back would be one Electro-Magnetic negative, would be the fixed point just left.

Two ahead, two positive, two behind, two negative.

Accourting for all 8 fixed points in the earths rotation aroudn the sun.


The minor arcana is divided into the days in a week. One card one week. 52  weeks












TR Welling