The Code and Tarot


The Code is part of the Ogle family name. The Code is; North (vertical), Umber/Amber/Gold, Land/Castle/defined area, defined property, defined structural boundaries.

The Tarot has this code buried inside of its infrastructure.

52 Cards, Land

Court; Vertical

Major Arcana; Umber/Amber/Sacred/

The Land is the 52 cards of the ace -8/10. The Decimal number system was not invented till Arabic Numbers, the Futhark is an 8 based system.

The People and or the Court Make it Vertical, since Humans walk upright on 2 legs. Also the name of Adam; Man, Red, Earth. The name Adam has the code built in. Adam is another way of saying, The Ogle family.

The Page of Pentacles that is a vertical symbol of the Scorpion King. That Page card would be a direct relationship with Pharaoh Narmer, who was a physical representation of Noah, who was a Physical representation of Adam, and Adam in a language sequence which dates back 3 layers of extinct languages. Indo European, Hieroglyphics/Sumerian, Akkadian. Those language base groupings have been extinct since circa the from the start of the Trojan War/End of the 18th Dynasty, till the destruction of the “first Temple” 500 bce. Moses and his Hyksos/Avaris descendants worked very very hard to destroy any and all records and the people who know anything at all about the ancient information. So that he and his people/the Hebrews could totally and completely rebuilt Judaism as a slightly less nasty and disgusting form of the philosophy and religion of Esau. Esau’s philosophy and that of Jacob are polar opposites. Moses and his Hyksos line hate the message of Jacob so much they have been at active and violent war against it from Esau to present.

The Court are the in basic “gods” or character/psychology roles which most humans take on characteristics of those roles to live their lives. Most humans, then there are the outliers. The Outliers Transend the normal human behavior patterns.

The Major Arcana are a representation of the Ben Ben Stone.

Noah’s Fleet, Pyramids.

pyramids, circle, Hebrew, Ogdan

The Pyramids, the ATEN and FreeMasonry







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