The DNA of Christ built into the Nativity


In Egypt on the Left

Pepi I Pyramid

Bent Pyramid


In Levant on the Right

Temple Mount

Cave of the Naivety






x? but the Y  Pepi - cave/King Solomon's



Pepi I Pyramid

Its causeway bisects the Church of the Nativity 

The outbuildings to the South and West of the Pepi I Pyramid number 8. Eight buildings, the perfect configuration for the steady lines of a double helix.

Each Ladder (Jacobs Ladder) set up, a different AT CG configuration.

Since the Cave of the Nativity, Solomon’s Temple, and Pepi I all show real signs of Archaeology of the Ladder configuration. Then these are a representation of the Y chromosome of the DNA of Jesus.


Although this Graphic is only a representative sketch based on assembled research, the location of a real foundation under the Temple Mound and the location of the “Hypothesized” foundation between the eight buildings is close enough to be realistic. 


Adding to the Extra Non-Subtlety of it. E, A, and D the Causeways for an Y. A Several Hundred Mile long Y. So that when discovered, the physical evidence regarding the Y would stand out even to those in orbit.



p a j i ing l r   b o; which is the letters from the angles from the Futhark Calendars directions North. But North is set, what are the other directions. if North is set. According to both the orbit and the angles the sun hits the earth at over the course of a year, the eight have specific angles they impact the earth at.

the other eight fixed points have their own months in those exact directions








TR Welling