Thule Society


The Thule Society was a third to last in a line of think tanks which began roughly when the Holy Roman Empire collapsed circa 1806. The Thule Society was founded by Germans and Austrians with the goal of trying to find any and all evidence they could regarding what the Garden of Eden looked like. It is impossible to know if Heinrich Schliemann was part of the Thule Society. Since he had an obsession with the city of Troy. The City of Troy translates as “A City of the Descendants of Jacob”, Jacob is of course the father of the Jews. The Trojan War was a in effect Holocaust created by the Hyksos descendant Agamemnon to find and kill every Jew they could get their hands on. To kill most, capture and turn to slavery the rest. Then have the slaves work themselves to death.

The Thule Society itself had a problem. That problem was and is, they had their history written for them by their enemy.

The Thule Society was ordered disbanded by Adolf Hitler in 1933, after he seized power using his NAZI Party. Which the NAZI party was founded as the DAP, founded on the basic idea to protect the Thule Society from being outlawed again. Adolf and his FreiKorp buddies joined in ones and twos through 1919, by the December there were enough FreiKorp members in the DAP as members they ahd a solid voting block.

That solid voting block allowed Adolf to be elected to be the next leader, changed the platform of the group, and turned a research Political Party into a war machine to find and kill anyone who challenged their authority.

The first name change after 1934 was to the Four Year Plan.

Which hosted the Wannsee Conferences.

However since the enemy of the world was still in charge for years after the conferences, the enemy of the Thule Society e.g. the Third Reich had not been challenged regarding what they claimed was the facts of the Thule Society and its Wannsee Conference.

Why; because the Prussian Empire was the real evil involved with founding the Reich and its current name changed organizations. The Prussian Empire itself is responsible for Adolf's actions.

The FreiKorp is a paramilitary spy organization created by the Prussian Empire in 1754. That is another sequence of information which leads directly up to and through the present.

The Munich Branch of the FreiKorp name changed to NAZI in 1920.

The Manhattan Branch of the FreiKorp name changed well took on the name of the Pub they met at and rented the “Hall” behind the Pub/Bar in Manhattan.

That Pub was called “Tammany’s”.

The Hall behind was “Tammany Hall”.

The FreiKopr met their from 1750-1820ish when they had to move to a new location. They were too large to work out of the Bar. So they built themselves a building in Manhattan and operated out of that building for more than a century.

Tammany Hall in the 1940-1950s worked very hard to assist ex NAZI’s to leave the Reich and enter America with new federal ID papers and enter American Society where they could continue to press the Fascist adjenda without carrying the Prussian names or the guilt from association with the Holocaust.

However the anti-Semitism stayed and in some cases amplified in America after the humiliation from the defeat in Europe.

Tammany Hall was forced to name change in 1980, and they all but gave up any and all claims to the building and the names they had operate under for just shy of 2 centuries.

Political will shifted and the best thing about spy's are; they know how to read the political spectrum and shifted from being Democrat to GOP.

They are still a powerhouse organization. They just took on a new name or names, and continued to fight for fascist ideas. The current head of the former Tammany Hall but absolute loyal to his last breath to the Prussian Empire is the current POTUS. The amount of evidence regarding his being a fascist is too numerous to present in just one webpage. However his self-claimed “I am a Nationalist” is sufficient since the N in NAZI stands for Nationalist.

Add to Nationalist his “Space Command” which to those that know means “Thule Society” topics of research. For those that do not, it sounds stupid and insane. However The US “Space Command” is actually seized research from Manitou Springs Colorado well a city next to Manitou which is currently called Bancroft Park, however it was not called that previous to circa 1910.

Previous that park was a sore spot in the history of “Old Colorado City”.

That is the location of several buildings which the city of Colorado Springs would love in a soul level desperate to not have existed at all.

Their was a huge Palace sitting on that land, A palace much larger than the current configuration of the parameters of the Park.

That Building was attacked by General Palmers special operations forces and all but a corner of the building was destroyed.

That Corner was renamed “The Bancroft School”.

However, that was not the original name of the School. That School had been in existence since decades previous to 1850.

Why, who cares? Just be patient, this whole Bancroft School topic has direct connection with the Thule Society and the NAZI’s invasion of Paris. The NAZI’s all but moved into Versailles and studied in for the length of time they occupied France.

You see Versailles phase one was designed and built by Leonardo Da Vinci.

You also see that phase one the name itself translates to a Polytechnical College.

Take the name Universe, now take the Uni off since it is more than one location; Verse.

Now take the singular Uni and turn it plural Illes; now add the Illes to the end of Verse. Versa (E to an A for grammar and spelling rules) illes. Versa illes.

Verse is a defined sentence, illes means plural. Plural defined sentence.

The bible obviously has some very serious layers and complex issues involved. Not to mention hidden layers and layers of codes built in.

Hence the Technology part build into the linguistics.

Technology of Linguistics and mathematics aka Polytechnical; College.

Since the location was designed and built by Leonardo Da Vinci; one of the smartest humans to have ever lived. We can stated as some matter of hard fact that he knew that making back ups so far out of the teach of the enemies; if they do not know about it, they cannot follow and destroy it.

So Leo ordered that a back up copy of Versailles Phase one be constructed 1000 miles away from the closest nothing. which would be 1000 miles west of the Mississippi River.

Since it was not till 1493 that said continent the Vatican was forced to acknowledge its existence. The French and British had not forgotten and had conducted trade routes to Asia through the river system for centuries.

A location was chosen and said location became Versailles of the Americas.

Versailles of the Americas became a focus of more than a few attacks and destructions in the area through the course from 1840-1920. Till all but the foundation of the building was destroyed.

The Thule Society itself was designed to study the Garden of Eden.

Part of the basic floorplan of Versailles Phase One is to mimic the basic infrastructure of the Garden of Eden.

However Leo also knew that he had to hid the design; or the Vatican would find out and succeed in killing him for taking their power away.

Which the Vatican attempted to kill Leo on 4 separate occasions, and the fifth he was evicted from Italy at the age of 60 to live the rest of his life in France. You have to be one major threat to the Politics if you are deported to France at the age of 60.


Leo’s work was a key part for the Thule Society to find and research.

However to avoid being executed the Members of the Thule Society put on the façade of their Evil counterparts in the Third Reich who were literally working on the final solution but in fact were only using said as a cover story. The cover was to make sure they would not be executed from the minute the conference started to the say the allies took Berlin.

The conference lasted 3 days not 90 minutes. The first 90 minutes were written into a book which was placed in the national archives for anyone to see. That book was to keep the members of the Conference from being arrested and executed for plotting against the Reich.

However, the allies found the book and condemned the members for plotting the “Final Solution” to create the Holocaust. But not a single member was found guilty of any wrong doing. They were all arrested, those still alive of course. But they were all either no charges filed or acquitted of doing anything wrong.

Of course their trials were mostly performed in secret, behind closed doors.  

Only the most fanatical and crazy after 1940 December 31 assumed American and the Allies were not going to win. It was obvious the efforts would eventually lead to the American’s entry into the war and the second that happened the end of the Axis powers would begin.

But the Thule Society core members had been working as double agents for the Allies since 1919


You see the Confederacy was not just one organization with one goal, one purpose, one philosophy, etc.

It was a collection of violently independent plantation owners who demanded to have their own way. some were only interested in killing Jews. Others only cared about being able to keep slaves. While others had only one purpose to find the extremely advanced technology the ancients possessed and to exploit it for their own purposes.


The name Thule comes from a concept revolving around the Garden of Eden Tabernacle of Adam System.

Which to most modern definitions is literally a Weapon of Mass Destruction.


The Confederacy possessed at least two copies of this weapon. But the more they experimented the more they were lobotomized. Jefferson Davis himself was taken from an incredibly intelligent and strategic man to an all but babbling idiot from the start of the war to the end.


“The Lone Ranger” had direct interactions with one of those weapons. he was so virtuous that he lived and was in most ways not harmed. But his entire 20 man group were all killed or made into babbling idiots. This concept is the bible story of the Tower of Babel. If bad people approach the tower with evil in their hearts they will be rendered an idiot. If good and virtuous people approach the tower, the virtue and god ness comes out and their lives are changed into a soldier of the good from then on.


The FreiKorp members were entirely convinced their mission to genocide the descendants of Jacob so that the philosophy of Esau could rule as god intended. maybe even resurrect their lord Esau could be achieved. since after all according to tradition of the descendants of Esau; Jacob sold his soul to Satan to become Lucifer and rule earth. Satan would have a “Right Hand Man” on earth to carry out his evil plans.

The primary purpose the Prussian Empire formed in the first place was to find and seize control over the weapons the Templars found under the Temple Mound.

The Templars seized control over Levant Lands Jerusalem and took tons of materials out from hidden caches under the temple mound.

The Legends of what those tools could have been revolved around “Harnessing Demons” which plays into the hands of the Jacob is Lucifer thing his brother invented to throw off the Humiliation the was not chosen by god to be head of the Tabernacle of Adam System.

However the Prussians demanded access to that technology. The British and French refused flat out. The Prussians 800 years later flat refused to take no for an answer and proceeded to attack, attack, attack, etc. the births and their allies from 1150 to present without mercy.

However, every single time of the 100s of time the Prussians managed to seize control over the technology. They cannot make it work, or worse they are themselves damaged to a point of either insanity and or death.

The descendants of Esau cannot accept the facts they are bad and no amount of evidence of their wrong doing will convince them they are bad people.


However the point is the Prussians demanded to gain access to the WMD’s the ancients possessed.

But first they had to identify what the WMD were.

Second they had to figure out how to make those weapons work.

Third they had to safe guard themselves to not render themselves into babbling idiots eg the Tower of Babyle. Which from 1150 to present, they have achieved the first two goals. But as history clearly shows, the third step keeps them either babyling idiots, or worse creates a group Schizophrenia.

The first of the Schizophrenia concepts the descendants of Esau are convinced of is that others “want, need, desire to live their lives according to the rules Esau presented. Only a few inappropriate people fight against the new rules. The rest live happier and more productive lives, when they submit to the new rules. Everything becomes wonderful”.

This is fiction, but fiction which is created by Tyrants who only see the good of their actions, and ignore in all ways the negatives happening around them.



Rudolf Hess was a very odd character in history.

He was chosen by the Thule Society to become Adolf's best friend and closest advisor.

So that when the truly evil actions occurred, Hess could know and direct the administration to lessen the evil impact.

The evidence of the goodness of Hess is scattered throughout his time as the second in command of the Third Reich. He massively defunded the Jet, and massive funded Van Braum’s Rockets. TO ensure that after the war, the rockets would go to the Americans and birth NASA.

He could maintain control over the Reich and help his Thule Friends lesson the evils the Reich wanted to do. Without Hess, the Reich would have done much much more evil. They would have killed at least double if not four times as many.

They would have invaded the UK, and likely been successful. Gained a foothold in America; pushing that foothold out to take most of the “middle of America”.

However Hess played the political card and did not allow those actions to occur. 



Hess evacuated out of the Third Reich 33 days after the first flight of the ME 262, which was an entire game changer of the War effort. But in 1943, the number of pilots available were so few there was no one around to fly the planes. They were huge gas guzzlers; some planes could fly for hours on what the 262 could use an a 30 minute flight. Few pilots and little gas, now if the 262 had been available just 2 years earlier, that changes the entire equation of the war. The 262 was designed in the middle to end of the 1930s; it would have been available in mass quantities in 1939. Makes the battle of Britain a one sided victory; the allies would have had not chance at all.


The Thule Society were trying to understand the details from the Persian Garden System which was directly copied from the Garden of Eden by Legend.

The Garden of Eden also by Legend was just north of the current city of Tabriz Iran.

Thank you David Rahl for your amazing Archaeological skills in uncovering that evidence.


The Thule Society had a Significant Problem. Their problem was they were born out of a need to understand the Tabernacle of Adam System but at the same time they were born out of a desperate need to not be destroyed by the Prussians.


The Prussians used every single advantage they could find to obtain those weapons.

The tools from the Garden of Eden were exactly what the Descendants of Esau among other names the Prussians and of course their previous name Teutonic Knights, were close to exactly what Esau was demanding to have access to.

Esau and his descendants are completely convinced that once they remove Jacob and his descendants from possessing those tools, god will look favorably upon Esau and his descendants and bless them.

In 4500 years, this has proven to not only not be the case, but the exact opposite has occurred.

Every time Esau’s descendants seize possession over more of the Divine Tools made as copies of the Garden of Eden Tabernacle of Adam system, the tool works for Jacob and not for Esua.


But the next generation says “well if that way dad’s generation did it did not work. We shall try another way in our generation”. Repeat generation after generation from 2600 bce to present.

In basic the descendants of Esau are Schizophrenic. They are completely convinced that the way they want things to be is the way things are, and when confronted with evidence, they simply ignore the evidence and wrap their theology around themselves tighter.


However just because they are “Bad” does not mean they do not mean well as a group. They just choose to follow the wrong leaders. Leaders who pander to the worst aspects of a community.


The Thule Society is actually a cascade effect think tank from the middle to end of the 1600s, shortely after Versailles Phase Three was completed, the Prussians made themselves a solid promise. One day they would sieze power and control the contnets of that building. Since they knew it was built by Leonoardo Da Vinci.


His built it based on research he had gained access to through reading the Guttenburg Bible, and other Vaticadn archive sources.

Leonardo’s plans for Phase One Versailles were modiefied and made pretty to remodel the entire Vatican circa 1510. Construction on the remodel began shortly after Leodnoardo was cheated out of being able to take credit for his Painting of the Sistine Chapel. However, the more important part is, the work he did in the third floor. The Floor Above the Ceiling is where his real work was done.

Some type of machine,

Based on the cascade of evidence from other sources. One of those machines produced electricity.

Another machine or the same machine just a differnet part of the gears from that machine combined the Electro-Magnetic waves into some type of Electro-Magnetic fabric pattern.


TO do what; that is an intensely good question. One which can only be speculated upon based on the academic research done from 1950 to present.

Although we have a reasonable idea based on several layers and layers removed secondary sources of evidence which interesting enough pour into a iron clad connection between  the XLA (Pyramids of Egypt) and the VLA west of Socorro New Mexico. Both the XLA and the VLA are both in effect Radio Telescopes. The XLA Pyramids are a macro absorption device, which are satellites as a micro absorption device.


We next need to turn to the Egyptian Pryamids (which the Thule Society sent scientists to Italy as well as Egypt. Studying in both locations from 1919-1945), the amount of research the Reich did during those more than 2 decades is intensely significant.

Most if not all of that research Himmler oversaw those reams and reams of data were sent through the enigma machine to allies listening posts. Virtually every radio communication the Reich sent out through enigma was full of codes.

Codes the soldiers in the field were not supposed to understand, but the British were.

Codes within codes, within codes Alan and his team were to understand and decrypt.

Codes within Codes within Codes; Alan was to forward them onto MI6 etc for them to decode and understand.

The result was the American government and scientist began to work on the basic layout of the VLA in the early 1950s, it took more than 2 decades to declassify the research and allow the public to learn about the VLA.

However, Karl Sagan learned about it during his time as a professional astronomer, and wrong the book “Contact” to hint at a huge amount more happening then just a simply radio telescope.

Interesting that a Jew figured out the Thule Society plan and published a extremely fictionalized book about it.

The whole signals from Vega were the radio chatter from Himmler over the Radio network he controlled every single broadcast. He controlled the enigma machine, he controlled when the codes were updated, he controlled the entire thing.

So in effect Himmler was fictionalized into the character of HR Hadden.


Now something else of extreme importance.

Just because Leonardo Da Vinci designed Versailles Phase One which was then used and “aritistically improved” slightly to remodel the Vatican. Does not mean this design was an invention of Leo’s.


Leo designed Versailles Phase One to reflect the Tabernacle of Adam System, network.


He designed his French research laboratory and draw it into Vitruvian man


Which is not all that differnet from a Three Leg ATEN; built into the Causeways of the Pyramids.


Which means at some point in the past, Versailles was or still is some type of radio telescope. However said engineering has not been used since at the latest 1789.



 Tabernacle of Adam System.








TR Welling