Global Lettering




Global Lettering








Global connections are the characters made through the planet which connect from any given fixed point to any other given fixed point in time and space.


Example everything which comes from say the Battle of Hastings 1066; all the millions of elements which led up to that singular battle and of course War (sequence of battles) which led to the Picts (Muslims) being defeated and the British at least temporarily returned to the throne of Britain. Although the English through various and assorted political maneuverings returned to take back the English Throne rather quickly after.

Each of the Millions and billions of moving parts which people and locations were active in; each one is a fixed point with its own letters associated to measure to and from.

Pick a location say Hastings. Hastings is absolutely connected to the Castle Ogle, Bamburgh Castle, the Stone of Scone, the city of Dublin, Paris, Troy, Rome, Samhain, Memphis, Heliopolis, Heirakonopolis, etc. Each of those locations at the time of 1066 ce and absolutely of course then till now, then backwards to the origins of some of the events in question.

Each of those points; Then, Now, and at the point where the events took place at those locations. Each of those needs to be drawn through the middle of the planet to see what characters are created.

Hastings is located not far from the White Cliffs of Dover. Said Location at the date the Events took place is a point; now draw another point to say Leipzig where De Ogle hired the German soldiers from the British Ogle family allies with their Long Bows. They were not mercenaries, they were regular German soldiers loaned out to the British to defeat the English/Picts/Muslims in England. At the time England was from south of Sherwood Forest to the north east coast of Britain. From 1066-1550, that was England. However after the Tutors did their genocide against the British specifically the Ogle family, Britain was absorbed into England. England overtook Britain and things become complex after that. Not only do things become complex, but draw a line between each of those mentioned points and at least a couple Hebrew characters will appear.

There are so many ways to measure fixed points as the earth both rotates in a 24 hours sequence and traces 365.4 days in its orbit.

First rule of mathematics, measure too and from fixed points. Those fixed points the first ones to used are the 8 fixed points in the orbit.

The next fixed points are in random order.

The way the planet is positioned in its orbit regardless of the planetís motions.

Which there are three ways to measure; the first is up and down, up being the fixed point to measure to and from. the second is the equator the middle of the mass horizontal, and the third the vertical but sideways motions of the planet.

The vertical but sideways; this is where the F is always pointed from the middle of the sun to the middle of mid-day on earth.

Of course, each have their own 7 other fixed points from which to measure to and from.

Each of those fixed points to measure too and from are their own sequence.

So in each of the 3 in effect circles which create a sphere

The each of the 3 have x8 fixed points which are geared with each other.

What is dominant is up front what is its opposite is behind in numbers.

Each of the other 6, 3 past and 3 forward those numbers are in of course hierarchal sequence.

Each layer is plus and minus; plus is from the last fixed point forward, and the minus is the amount of time minus to the next fixed point.

You have 8 calendars operating at the same time in the same place.

Now what is truly interesting is at any given point on the globe you have the rules of cryptography, those rules perform an automatic 1=f, 2=u, etc.

You have a numbers become letters.

Collections of letters become words, words become sentences, sentences become paragraphs.








TR Welling