Janus and Memento Mori Ceremony


Noahs Ark (Gilgamesh)


The Pyramids created Janus




The Trojan War


Queen Dido

Jesus (change the n to a s and you have Janus/Jesus), the vowels are not present in Hebrew.

Genius The Concept of Genius

Memento Mori

Memento Mori Part I

Caligula attempted to end the part 1 a b ceremony of memento mori, but the people adn senate flat refused. so he said "ok, if you want serial killing as part of teh cultures make up, no problem. the sex in the left eye will be your wifes" the senate did not react well

Janus Rome Adult “Class is the following nature or nurture. This is a science class, not every subject falls within the parameters of acceptable puritan rules and regulations. Although killing people does not fall within puritan values either, but they do it anyway (Hence the question). In western culture the following scenario has become part of the dating ritual. As someone out on a date, in some cases some type of a movie. Major movie types which couples usually go on is either rom/com, action movies, or major dramas. Two of them directly involved death and usually some type of either implied intimacy and or actual love scenes. This is the exact behavior structure of the Memento Mori 1 a b ceremony. Part 2 is the Jewish slave on the chariot of the commander in his victory parade through the streets of Rome. Part 1 A and B is the question. Since the above mating ritual which by most accounts will occur today at least 50k times on the weekends several million to 10s of millions of different occurrences. Is this; dead, …  eg Memento Mori Ceremony which different packaging is performed today almost exactly the same; is this nurture or nature. Discuss”.

Cologne, Germany 3 wise persons from the east. 3 skulls

combine the 3 skulls of Janus, the 2 obvious and the 3rd hidden. with the wise men, with the Janus being the pyramids of egypt. Place the Janus/Pyramids/double spine suspended from the 4 staves platform. Suspended from the invisible 3rd skull. the east and west skulls stick out from the 4 staves. 


Memento Mori Part I Temple of Janus on the west side of the Vatican Hill

Physical evidence is beyond key to showing various and assorted evidence. I provided a written exploration, but I also have two graphics which illustrate the physical evidence. From the front courtesy of google earth and photoshop. Evidence only works if the evidence can be recreated and predictable by others. I can show you the graphics or you can spend x minutes by going to google earth above the square portion about half way between the obelisk and the front looking west, east behind (vertical positions vary), use the snippet tool provided on all PCs, then copy the image, then using the built in pen took in snippet draw in the skull where the large dome is, eye balls over where the smaller left and right domes are, the ridge of the nose being the ridge of the rooftop, the end has 3 windows not two, but that is an indication of another piece of evidence for the building, connecting the basilica with Versailles' nick name and Pharaoh Narmer, the nose with 3 windows, then the teeth below the nose. science you can build the skull same as I did. now when you have a skull, that skull can be fleshed out to find out what the person looked like. beyond my skills. However not anywhere close to beyond the inventor of modern medical school Leonardo Da Vinci.

Janus and Memento Mori Ceremony Evil Eye

Most of the medallions are a pure ignorant thanks to two separate dark ages representations of the Egyptian ATEN Causeways.

Memento Mori Part ii

Part ii inspired Shakespeare’s Hamlet graveyard scene. A statue of a person

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Vatican Basilica Scorpion  (the building itself Janus east tool)

Vatican            the alter east and the wall west; Janus.

Vatican Original

Vatican Skull East to West

Vatican Skull from the South to North, connecting Leonardo Da Vinci with both buildings. The Scorpion King; Caesar, Louis, Narmer, Tier,

Vatican St Peters Basilica

Vatican Evil Eye


Small Temple North Coitus

Sistine Chapel

The Alter East and the Wall West


The Pictish Revolt


War is Rome 650

Lake Nemi Ships

Halliwell Manuscript

Set Osirus Isis Masonry

Janus and Memento Mori Ceremony

Janus and Memento Mori Ceremony

Janus and Memento Mori Ceremony

Janus and Memento Mori Ceremony

Janus and Memento Mori Ceremony

the south smaller temple/dome of st peters basilica. the location of execution, the left being the coitus to seal the soul exchange

FreeMasonry Halliwell Manuscript Dante’s Inferno Ancient Egypt


A close up of a map

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Ogilvie (an offshoot of the Ogle family, translates into English the Northumberland Family)

War is Rome 650 ce

Obliterated from the water line up the Lake Nemi Ships





The Vatican West side Hill; the West Directed Janus Face. Skulls Mountain.

The Janus Skull just about proves that Leonardo Da Vinci is the person responsible for designing the blueprints for St Peters Basilica and Square. He designed a skull which can only been seen from an intensely specific angle.

The Pile of Skulls was part of what lined the carved out interior of the Vatican Hills.

The execution temple was the smaller temple �dome� to the south, the colitis temple was the smaller �dome� to the north.


A close up of a newspaper

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A picture containing text, building, photo

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A screenshot of a cell phone screen with text

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Image result for mound of skulls

Mound of Skulls, inside where the Vatican used to be.


A close up of a barn

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The Tabernacle of Adam System

Appears to be built into the concept of the Schema of Rome Janus A picture containing clipart

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Apparently, the right bottom side building is the x pharaoh name, Notre dame, and the location of the crucifixion of Jesus.

A picture containing text

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Image result for roman chariot Memento Mori

Red Face; Caesar had performed the Memento Mori part 1 ceremony, the slave behind performing the Ars Quantuor Coronati Position.

The corwn over the head is part 2

The Red Face is Caesar did the killing of the Jewish Slave himself, he bathed in the blood of the Jew. Not pictured is the slave behind is also carrying at least one skull of the Jewish slave he killed.

The Vatican Hill was a record of the Jewish slaves killed by the warriors/generals/politicians, the skull and the associated battle the slave assisted the Empire in winning.

The skull would be marked with the battle victories the soul assisted in allowing the Empire to achieveImage result for memento mori. Image result for memento moriImage result for marked skull


Image result for marked skull

Image result for roman chariot Memento Mori

This none red face means that his commander did not kill the Jew himself, he let a priest do the job.

Related image

Image result for temple de l�amour

I found evidence from the Roman Empire regarding serial killers, people who are attracted to said, and the Temple of Janus performing the ceremony Memento Mori. In addition I found an absolute ton of evidence inside the concept of the phallus both drawings and of course sculptures in both houses of said and around temples. It is obvious when the evidence is exampled that the phallus and related sex items and references are a direct connection to the first part of the Memento Mori Cermeony, the second part takes place on the warrior/generals chariot with the Skull or bone (but preferably a Skull, the west directed face of Janus. The warrior/general being the west directed face of janus; pretending for the roll, hence the reason the face plate that would be the face of Janus. Although that would also be the face of Pharaoh Mem, who himlesf was playing the part of Pharaoh Narmer (The Scorpion King), who himself was plsaying the part of Naoh/Gilgamesh. At least according to the Narmer Monolith in Upper Egypt. The point, to use executions (serially) and coitus after in a way to seal the soul transference. Which makes coitus a larger aspect of the rituals involved with the Pyramids then is currently accepted by Egyptology. Of course, most of my research the field of Egyptology ignores outright. Mostly because my research is based on evidnece, not fiction.

�The Memento Mori Combat Mask of Janus.

·     Adam resurrecting Able


·     Able Enoch




·     Janus


·     Vatican Hill


o  Mount Zion the Place of the Skulls


·     Memento Mori

o  The Ceremony of Memento Mori is based on a collection of ancient Jewish ceremonies which originated with Caine killing Able.

·     Rome Anatomy

o  A part of the city layout of Rome has an extremely adult biological layout.

o  From the Vatican Hill (where it used to be) the area between the Vatican and the Capitoline Hill, to the Capitoline Hill (the Temple of Jupiter), the Circular Roman Forum. To the Temple of Caesar, the Temple of Caesar closes the circle of the Forum. From the Temple of Caesar to the Coliseum resembles biologically other things, then the Coliseum itself, especially when the awning was closed revealing only a very small enclosed circle.

o  The awning could actually have been used as a communication devise to some Roman and or Other god.

o  A close up of a logo

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o  Image result for colosseum rome original

o  Wherever the Aweing was placed; the positions of each segment. THt has a direct correspondence with the Elder Futhark Compass

o  A close up of a logo

Description automatically generated

o  Image result for colosseum rome original

o  Since the Elder Futhark can be present, the cloth sails used as the partial roof could have incorporated the Elder Futhark language in said design. Secretly of course since post Vespasian the Senate had fully embraced genociding the Jews was there one and only option.

o  The Jews present in the crowd and part of the slave work crew, set the awing at different pieces and places during the games. Those changes produced different letters. Those Different letters produced with the actions of the games different letter sequences which when applied consistently produce words. Consistent letter sequences are words, words produce sentences, etc.

o  The worship of the ATEN and Janus occurring under the very nose of the Senate and the genocidal level anti-Semitic Emperors.

·     Janus and Genius

o  The genius part is not in the whispering but in the artist presenting what came from the whispering from the spirit in the wall. The presentation is half of it the other and more important part is the culture/leaders/people influenced accepting the idea as Genius. The "that is genius", not the thing itself.

o  Direct evidence for this can be found inside the function and structure of the many many centuries later invention of the concept of Lucifer. Taking the concepts of Janus and altering them just enough to create the metaphoric Lucifer.

o  but since the at the time collapsing Roman Empire and the rising of the power of the Papal state, both were still to the core of their organizational beings afraid of the Janus Ceremony and its implications. Especially its direct Pyramids of Egypt proof. As much of the schema of Janus was stripped out of the Roman culture as possible. Which included both genociding any and all who knew about the information and of course destroying any literature which could in any way shed light on the facts.

o  In the roman empire and culture, they had a thing with the two faces of Janus "saving face". Something was either from the east good face of Janus or it was west bad face of janus. Good meant genius, bad means it was a bad thing and the person presenting the thing was themselves bad. It is a fundamental difference in the equation, but I knew but cannot point out (very Jesus to the east, satan/lucifer/Beelzebub to the west). The Romans depended on (and so do their descendant culture) signs from the divine to know if things were good or bad. Making adjustments in theri behaviors depending on those signs. Genius was about looking for those signs. Genius was a sign the culture was on the right track and the east face of Janus approved. It is about the culture not the idea in general.


·     Janus ceremony xxx part

o  Janus Rome Adult

o  The Number one most feared by Jews Ceremony, was turned into the greatest weapon against the Roman Empire at one specific time and one specific place, that would be the Crucifixion of Jesus.

o  To this day the Roman Empire and of course the Papal states have never recovered from their issues with Janus.

·     The ceremony

o  The Super Rich top Military Generals or politicians who could demand favors.

§  the Full ceremony took place in the now erased from existence temple of Janus I, but the less well off, just soldiers, low end politicians, etc. would use alternative means in hopes of achieving similar if not the same goals. They would take a life, then use a prostitute to seal the soul transference. The symbol for said action would be a model of a phallus and or breast or a representation of the female anatomy. Come to think of it the Goddess of Willendorf would be sufficient as well.

o  The warrior/general would come into the Janus temple approximately where the Dome of St Peters currently sits.

o  The warrior/general could come in and be presented with his �immortality� ceremony.

o  He would come in and he would hold a Jewish male/female in front of himself. He would be in full armor, and not unlike the ceremony fictionally created in the book �the handmaidens tail� where the handmaiden would be laying on the barren wife. The wife would be laying on the bed, the handmaiden would lay between the wife�s legs,� The husband would come up and mount the handmaiden as if she was the wife. The handmaiden would be in effect the wife in pretend. The handmaiden would be entirely covered from head to mid belly, with open legs. the wife would be completely visible with arms open to embrace her husband.

o  The warrior would hold his �instead(metaphoric handmaiden)� in front of him. Of course the Jewish victim would be bound with an open either access to his/her heart of throat. Where his/her heart would be punctured or throat cut. The Priest performing the action (execute/killed). To puncture the heart with a stab and or cut the throat and allow the blood to pour out and down onto the priest. Which would not be all that different from a similar ceremony in the tradition of Voodoo.

o  Which itself has a huge and mysterious background.

o  Which that tradition might be exactly why Mohammed wanted to invade Egypt to obtain said ceremony. So that he could either have a replacement fr himself in the afterlife, and or find out how Jesus came back to live.

o  (sub topic after the Invasion of Egypt by Islamic forces. The subsequent invasion of Egypt, the Romans, Jews, Christians, Coptic�s, etc. who had evacuated out of Italy to Egypt it was assumed they knew something about said ceremony. So Mohammed ordered Egypt to be invaded.

o  Upon the invasion, those who knew evacuated south using the river system. The evacuation to the south east part of the Sahara, where they then used other rivers to travel west to what would be called the �Ivory Coast�. Where they lived happily for the next 600 years.

o  Till the Muslims conquered the rest of the way through the Mediterranean around the north west part of the Sahara, around the entire north east portion of the continent. then down into the area of the Mouth of the Nigger River. Where the descendants of the those that evacuated out of Egypt had been living for centuries.

o  The start of the slave trade began.

o  Elements of the above are found all throughout the slave trade.

o  Lynching�s are a huge part of the Janus Ceremony, killing the Africans as a shadow of the original sacrificing the Jews to ensure the continued survival of the Warrior/General. The Plantation owner would kill his slaves, minus the ceremony in much the same way.

o  After the end of slavery, the executions did not end, they just change to being called Lynching�s.

o  The Lynching was a community effort (behavior pattern wise identical to the Memento Mori ceremony performed in the Janus Temple I [approximately where the Dome of St Peters is in the present). The Warrior in this case either a member of the KKKlan or a FreeMason (I am A FreeMason; York Rite, 32 Scottish Rite, and or was a Shriner {npd}, most of this information has been carefully stripped from any and all records]

o  The Lynching�s were about taking the 7 grams from the life of the African American and using those 7 grams to enrich the lives and prosperity of the community.

o  In very harsh times, many to dozens, and occasionally 100s of lynching�s would occur at a time or within very short sequences from each other.

o  Ted Bundy�s step fathers family were in the south and were within a reasonable distance from at least 1 if not 3 lynching�s when Ted was a child.

o  back to the ceremony,)

o  the Priest after killing the Jew, would then turn to his priestess/or chosen partner. Who would then seal the event with sex.

o  The soul of the victim would be sent to the afterlife in a �in leu of payment� for the soul of the warrior/generals life, so the warrior/general could continue having phenomenal success on the battlefield. TO reward the Schema of Rome �Janus� for continued riches and success to have the empire grow.

o  The priest would mount his/her partner and perform intimacies.

o  Those intimacies if they produced a child, it was assumed that child would be a product of the gods and in itself be a divine birth.

o  It is likely Julius Caesar himself the Man was a product of a said union.

o  But unlike the priest doing the actions, his father

o  Aurelia Cotta Julius Caesar�s mother was very likely a priestess or very connected with the temple of Janus and of course its sister temple Jupiter (the Capitoline Hill).

o  Aurelia taking her husband into her arms after he sent a Jewish slave to the afterlife in his stead. Mounded her and proceeded to perform with her.

o  That union produced Caesar. Based on his name Caesar.

o  Based on the documentation it appears at least 3 to 5 previous generations of the Gaius Julius Caesar family were all conceived through the same Janus Memento Mori Ceremony.

o  Each had profound battle success. Having lived through countless battles, and defeated foes much stronger then they were. The Julii family kept surviving, 200 years, seems the ideas became �if it aint broke, do not fix it�. our Caesar future husband of Cleopatra was no exception.

o  the name Caesar is the key word to follow into; the base of the word Caesarian Section, is Caesar. To strike, to impact, to cause harm, etc. In the adult xxx link you will find a link though the page to a graphic which illustrates and proves that the connection between this �coitus� and Caesar is found directly within the framework of the bowl shaped Forum.


o  (the Blue to the right middle is the Roman Forum. The temple of Caesar is anatomically at the top of the oblong circle. Since the surgical procedure Caesarian Section is named after Caesar; the procedure incision is approximately in direct comparrision with the area between the Capitoline Hill and the Coliseum about 100 feet towards the Coliseum from the Temple of Caesar. To just to the torso from the top of the Pelvic Bone)

o  In the Temple of Janus, where the Dome of St Peters now sits, this ceremony� took place.

o  For minor warriors/generals/politicians they did not use the full ceremony. They only used a slave Jew in the main temple. But for major state events; they would have one or more Jews crucified on the east hill (not all that dissimilar to the configuration of the Island of the City of Paris; the Palace [Janus to the west] and the Temples {Main Throne Room, Palace}Sorbonne to the east aka Notre Dame.

o  Paris the city is built as a replica of both the Vatican Hill Janus buildings collection and the Giza Platea.

o  *






o  Based on enumerable similar architectural desins, including Khufu, the Temple mound Levnat lnds Jerusalem, Mecca, etc. there is a tunnel carved inside the temple. to enter the inner carved out mines of the Vatican Hill.

o  That infrastructure would be where the dead body of Jesus and countless other Jews had been taken as the foundation of the Temple of Janus.

o  THE Temple of Janus in this case would be the better known by its Egyptian name Memcuare Pyramid, the foundation between the dome and the obelisk being Khafre, and the obelisk/site of the crucifixion itself would be the Khufu Pyramid.

o  The Priestesses used as sex surrogates to transfer the soul from the Jewish slave to the warrior/general. they lived in the Temple of Jupiter. As mentioned in the 12 stages of the cross.

o  The Priest would go over the their chosen mates and either clean (no blood) or bathed in blood from the victim (the in leu of afterlife replacement) the priest and priestess would copulate to seal the soul transfer.

o  Leaving the warrior/general to go about his career.

o  how since there was so little if any real evidence of this ceremony minus what little the Empire and the Vatican could not find and destroy, afterword there was likely some type of hug or general (non intimate) interaction between the priestess and the warrior. Unless the warrior was the priest, in which case the interaction was long and intense. Several more copulations would occur. Hence the expected birth after.

o  thus, giving the empire and the warrior the illusion that the warrior/general/politician was then immune from battle damage and or ensure a battle victory.

o  The ceremony would only be repeated if the warrior general had a close call.

o  Think of the Cat�s Nine Lives; every time the ceremony was performed it was assumed (not unlike a modern video game) that additional ives would be added to the warrior/general. So they could go it combat without fear, since they already had an in leu of person in the afterlife for them e.g. in video game terminology they had an additional life.

o  The ceremony proved to be at least in theory correct, when those who went through the ceremony had a larger percentage of living success. The improved weapons, tactics, battle technology, etc. were not attributed. The ceremony was what was assumed did ht trick.

o  so, when a very cocky and arrogant general refused to perform the Memento Mori after a very successfully military complain. He considered himself the best warrior in the empire, he was to his idea immortal. He had a special blessing from Janus, and he could not be hurt in combat.

o  the next time he left the city for a military campaign.

o  He left the city for his next military engagement out the �unlucky gate� the gate which was close to a direct line between the Curia Julii and the Vatican.

o  He did not survive the battle.

o  the last time he entered as the victorious commander, he refused to allow the entering Memento Mori to happen.

o  Usually upon entering, a Jewish slave would hold either a skull or some bone of a conquered victim on the chariot with him.

o  the skull was the east directed face of Janus, the Jewish slave standing behind him was the east directed fact. East alive, west dead.

o  The Jew would hold up the bone/skull (very hamlet esk) and whisper Memento Mori into the general�s ear during the procession.

o  After he was killed in combat. Most all if not most all warriors and generals of Rome performed the ceremony.

o  Making sure to do the Janus killing part, then using the Jewish slave holding a skull� with the reminder �you are dead�.

o  The first part of the ceremony was scrubbed from the history of Rome after the Crucifixion. The Senate grew so afraid of the �what if another Jew rises from the grave�. They banned the first part of the ceremony at that location permanently. Trying to recreate it in the Janus ii location, which is due west of the forum outside the city walls. This proved to be much less effective.

·     Memento Mori and Giza

o  Part of the reason or at least in hypothesis is that the Forum would be Khufu, the area between the forum and the Vatican would be Khafre (be very interesting to find the equivalent of the Sphinx in Rome Proper), and the Vatican Memcaure.

o  That could be part of why the Mememto Mori worked.

o  Mem Kaura is named for Pharaoh Mem; which translates as �All father� which in Hebrew translates as Abraham. So the Giza Plateau the Mem Kaure Pyramid is actually named for Abraham.

o  it also appears that that Mem ento foundation ceremony is also based on the actions of Pharaoh Mem (aka Abraham).

o  Which is truth biologically is not all that different from the male anatomy from the Vatican Hill, the area between being the extension, to the �circle� which is the forum.


·     Roman Prostitutes

o  In Just because the rich and powerful who could afford to perform the full ceremony in the Temple of Janus I, does not mean everyone people would not try to do some version of said ceremony on their own.

o  Killing random people/Jews then going to a house of prostitution to then pay for said services.

o  "do you have an attraction to/for a male who has just killed someone, to then have sex with that person/killer?"

·     Crucifixion

o  Janus Ceremony

o  Janus Ceremony based on the Pyramid which is based on what Adam did to resurrect able from the grave.

o  which carried forward through into Egyptian Mythology.

o  Adam worked with Ables (Osiris) Wife (Isis) in order to bring him back from the dead. In this case the Djed.



o  The Senate decided that they would use the double Janus ceremony to execute this King of the Jews person.

o  Jesus knew he was going to face the Ceremony of Janus.

o  Most Crucifixions occurred on �Skull Mountain� aka �Mount Zion�, the� little hill to the east side of the larger Vatican Hill.

o  All of which had been erased from history very shortly after the Crucifixion of Jesus.

o  Why because the crucifixion of Jesus was supposed to in effect power the Roman Empire for the next x number of years.

o  The Romans figured out the concept of the Quantum Field, very likely they learned about it from the Etruscans/descendants of the Cycladic Culture who had been cousin cultures with the Egyptians. The Cycladic culture possessed a profound understanding of cutting-edge mathematical theory.

o  The Cycladic and Old Kingdom Not only found the Quantum field (mathematically) but they had also found the concepts for Quantum Intelligence.

o  for proof of this discovery which the Romans copied without having much of an idea of what the whole picture actually was. Look to the direct evidence of the Temple of Janus (the deity of Janus is itself Israel), and the related evidence of how the Romans perceived Genius.



o  Genius

o  Which is a similar ceremony to that of to execute St Peter many decades later. The problem is, that ceremony did not work either. But then the whole Vespasian Romans senate, and the next 200 years were about altering the documentation to make the story of the evil Priest Paul the founder of the Christian Church not Jesus/St Simon Peter.

o  You know that whole �the warrior takes a slave and kills that Jewish slave�. That was Jesus after being tortured on the Cross for a few hours.

o  After being tortured, he was executed in the same way countless other Jews had been sacrificed to perform the Memento Mori ceremony.

o  Be interesting if Joseph of Arimatha has sex with anyone immediately after.

o  Although the Alma Mary (mother) and the other Mary were present and took his body off the cross to give a proper burial. Which happened once, the point to the crucifixion was to let the body rot in place as a warning not question the authority of the roman empire.

o  What appears to be more likely.

o  Jesus was put on the cross to torture him for a while.

o  Then taken down,

o  Carried from the little hill of mount Zion, he was carried through the building (kafre pyramid metaphoric) up the hill to the Temple of Janus I.

o  Where he was then used as a Jewish slave to kill. Which warrior/commander/politician/general he was attached to is a profoundly good question.


o  But the priest who performed the rite would be Joseph of Arimathea.



·     Jesus

o  Jesus was used as a �Jewish Slave� to be the victim for the senate.


·     Britain Concepts


o  The Vatican (the Knight) the pathway between the Vatican and the Capitoline Hill (the knights arms) the roads connecting the two, The Forum (the cup of Christ).

§  The Cup of Christ being the Roman Forum, that is also where the Crucifixion of Jesus occurred.

o  All Roads Lead to Rome

o  The Mists of Avalon; the Lake Nemi Ships. The fog bank from the water up to 15 foot, the 100 foot towers sticking out of the

o  The Vatican, the Knight, the arms reaching out, the cup the roman forum

o  which match another thing 650 ce Britain concept

·     Leonardo Da Vinci the Sistine Chapel

o  Michelangelo was not skilled enough to build these types of layering into his work. This is exactly what you would expect from Leo�s work. One artist who could not have done the work, compared to one artist who this is what he did for a career.

o  The art skills match leo�s, not Michaels.

o  The layering of messages match Leo. Michael did not put a single layered concept into his work. Leo could not avoid doing it.

o  the School of Athens around the corner Raphael painted Leo in place of Socrates.

o  The new school master was Leo, not Socrates.

o  Man reaching out to touch god (Jacob) is the ceremony depicted on the ceiling, which is the ceremony of the Khufu Pyramid.

o  standing before the temple at the end of the entrance to the Khufu Causeway, that is the exact location which is depicted on the ceiling.

·     Paris France The Island of the City

o  That building "Notre Dame" is one of the Skulls of Janus; 1 of 4.

o  That building also has a specific pharaoh name association.

o  The graphics I have been sending you

o  One of the 5 pharaoh names is that building. another building to the immediate north, the two to the immediate west are the other two.

o  Which is also the configuration of the Tabernacle of Adam System, 2 on the bow, two on the stern.


Image result for castle ogilvie code of arms

Image result for castle ogilvie code of arms

Image result for castle ogilvie code of arms








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