Ogle Family FreeMasonry and Protestantism


One of the most difficult aspects for humans to accept is when they have been lied to some generations of those trusted. But Lied you Protestantism have been and since day one.


Martin Luther hated Catholicism with close to every fiber of his being, but he loved Islam. Islamic armies started to invade Europe a few years after Mohammed found the ancient scrolls and materials from Esau and began to translated ancient Sumerian/Akkadian into Arabic.

The argument between Mohammed and Abu Bakr, which never men would ever admit to was that the organization of Islam was not created then but a modern circa 610 ce translation for Esau’s work into Arabic. Neither men wanted to admit anything.  They both wanted to be known as “The Prophet” so they both fought from the point the scrolls were found to Mohammed’s last breath for control and supremacy over the organization they were both building.


Abu Bakr became angry for a number of different treasons but the largest reasons were that Mohammed had become a larger figurehead and that Mohammed allowed his only surviving daughter to have both a huge influence into the life of her father but she was allowed to know the information and to preach for him.

In Abu Bakr’s opinion women should not be allowed to read.

The materials Martin Luther was able to obtain centuries later was both from Islamic armies present in Germany and around Austria for the previous several centuries helped him form a more culturally acceptable version of Islam.

Protestantism came from Martin Luther’s love of Islam, but he also knew he needed to repackage it to make it a little bit more palatable for the Europeans cultures.

Layers and Layers of lies all designed to hide millennia old truth.


Esau formed Islam as a way to protest as violently as he could the facts surrounding he brother Jacob’s being selected to be the Next King of Kings. Esau was so angry  that he literally demanded from his family that he be allowed to conquer and rule over a city with its own working “Tabernacle of Adam System”

That city was Mecca.

Esau hated his brother with a passion to intense he had little if any problem placebo effect makes zero difference if the next part is true or not. He believed it was true so to his mind and most of his family, his actions were true.

After conquering Mecca, Esau set himself into the Kaaba into the third floor Amber Room (Russian Amber Room) where Esau sold his soul to the devil in order to literally send a Fallen to attack and destroy Jacob before Jacob could take the Mantle of King of Kings of the Tabernacle of Adam System.



Mohammed daughter and  his second in command Fatimah evacuated with her father out of Mecca hours before Abu Bakr could seize power and kill her. Bakr had already through a sequence of arguments convinced Mohammed to poison himself in order to prove definitively he was a profit by dying and coming back to life.

Dying and coming back to life is the most fundamental key aspect to the entire protestant faith.

Died and was resurrected,

Mohammed attempted to perform the same thing. To satisfy Abu Bakr he was truly a divine tool, and Abu was not.

The virtual second Mohamed injected the Poison he knew he made a mistake. He knew he had fallen into the manipulative assassination of Abu Bakr.

So Mohammed ordered his daughter to be sent for, despite the fact that she was several months pregnant.

He sent for her and give her hours of specific instructions. After a while they both vanish from the history books.

Abu Bakr picks up with story and lies the entire time about what happened.

Mohammed did to go heaven, but the problem is. Few if anyone actually knows what that means. Heaven is the name for the old name of Luz/Memphis. But the city of Memphis had been dismantled rock by rock and translated to Rome. Were it has been reassembled.

Thus Caesar made the city of Rome “The Heaven/Eternal City”


In the Eternal city the Tabernacles of Adam systems other cultures possessed were each attacked, their tabernacles dismantled and all shipped back to Rome.

So Bakr lied about the entire thing.


Very likely this is what actually happened.

Fatimah along with her both loyal guards would have taken advantage of the infrastructure her father had ordered set up in the days previous.

Horses and supplies had been relayed out every x miles from mecca to the coast. A ferry had been pre-arranged. And in Egypt more horses and wagons were standing by.

Fatimah took her father’s dying body and evacuated out of the Middle East. Headed first the coast.

Crossing the Red sea.

Then to Egypt. Taking the body of her father to the Pyramid and hopefully a still working tabernacle of Adam system in Egypt.

Finding nothing working, she traveled up to Alexandria then west to Carthage.

At Carthage worked to transport herself and her entourage from Carthage to Rome.

Once in Rome, worked to find a working system. finding one, she worked to have her father resurrected from the dead using the ancient megalith.

Which draws from a very ancient story about Adam resurrecting Able from the dead, his new reborn name was Set.


Fatimah left her father’s body in the Romans Catacombs very likely as close to St Peters Basilica as possible. To her making St Peters Basilica literally a Mosque. Ready for her father to be resurrected and take his rightful place as King of Kings of the Tabernacle System of Adam. 1400 years later this is still a pure fantasy.


After leaving Rome, heading back to Carthage, Fatimah possessed two significant problems. First the Papal Army was hot on her heels wanting to find and kill her. Which the armies of Abu Bakr had been chasing her since the day he left mecca with the dying body of her father in tow.


She traveled from Carthage west to Gibraltar, at Gibraltar she traveled up through Spain teaching about her father’s faith and her philosophy the entire time. finding mass converts. Which Bakr and the Vatican worked very hard to follow her and kill every last one of her followers whom would not convert to Bakr version of Islam or convert back to Catholic.

Up to and through France to the Normandy coast. Where she crossed over into Britain.

In Britain she found waiting allies the Pictish thanks to her advance guard and followers from Rome, Carthage, Spain , and France to go ahead of her and preach.

In Britain she worked tirelessly for decades to spread the work of Islam. Running head long into a critical problem. The Ogle family were entirely displeased with said ideas and fought against Fatimah  with all their might. Took a few years but Fatimah was finally defeated and sent into exile. Her followers would take up her cause and keep fighting against the ogle family aka Northumberland. Eventually the ogle family were forced to evacuated their island circa 680 ce.

Fatimah had evacuated out of Britain after only about a decade, traveling to Normandy east to Germany.

Where she worked again tirelessly to spread the work of Islam to those cultures.

Fatimah had picked up all manner of books and martials along the way, including a huge collection of martials from ST Augustine of Hippo. Those same material’s had been copied and distributed secretly from 640-1600 when Martin Luther got hold of them.

He used her teachings, the writings of st Augustine of Hippo, etc. authors to reshape and reorganize Islam into a form the Europeans could accept.


The entire born again movement is specifically designed to have all those protestants whom have accepted the lord Jesus Christ into their hearts to direct their soul energy into resurrecting Mohammed not Jesus.