I have written a great deal about the formulation of NAZIism, it is long, detailed, complex, and is centered on the first crusade response to the British invasion of Levant Lands. A group chose to evacuate out fo the middle east ahead of the crusader army and set up shop to create the Prussian Empire. which merged after conquering with the Prussian Empire about 150 years later. Prussian created "A spy network" the first few were opened worked for a while then closed. The new one was formed in 1754 as the FreiKorp. A branch of the FreiKorp renamed itself to NAZI under one of its commanders Adolf Jan 1920. The story is complex, the NAZI are directly connected to the islamic cultures response to two events. Losing in Britain circa 1066 and that same army coming to Levant Lands to prevent a wave into eastern Europe.


Officially reformed in 1754, but this spy organization had been around since well before the start of the Prussian Empire.

The Prussian Empire had its start well before they conquered enough lands in the Slovakia area to call theirs to name their culture and lands.


The situation which existed before the “think Tanks” were started specific to the collapse of the Holy Roman Empire were a group of spy networks which operated by trying to sneak into the libraries, bribe people who could gain access, and of course research other sources of Systems in other places than Germany. Paris which based on the French Revolution possessed at least one, which powered and or helped to power the guillotine blade making the wounds sealed a fraction of a second after they were cut. the governments in charge of the libraries refused outright to have specific types of people gain access. so what happens when a government is not allowed to have access to what they are entirely convinced is a proven Weapon of Mass destruction. They round up their spy’s and send them to find out any and all things related. the Frei Korp is one such organization.

But there is a huge problem which it comes to the application of this situation. the Frei Korp was Prussian’s, the Prussians were flat out in no uncertain terms not Roman Catholic. they took on the structure of John Calvin and of course martin Luther. Luther as in Lutherism and its primary Protestantism, and then there is Calvinism. which in all hard reality Protestantism is the enemy of all the teachings of Jesus Christ. Protestantism is the teachings of Esau, Moses, Paul, and of course Mohammed with a strong portion shaped by his only surviving child Fatimah.

before the Prussian Spy network could assess the stratagem of starting World War I, they had to assemble the nessessary parts and weapons first. One  of those primary weapons was literally the structure of the system. The only working system the Prussians could get their hands on was in Paris. But the

Prussian Empire 1525–1947 would literally stop at nothing to gain access to both the system and the relevant technology so they could build many of them. The more of them built the easier they could conquer the world and turn all of first Europe into Prussia and then America, then expand to the rest of the world. Copying what the Roman Empire wanted to do but failed because of  system in New Castle Northumberland.

Rudolf Hess the evacuation out of the third Reich could have been a way to hide his “disappearance” from the world as he headed up the Time War, (did he escape the third Reich or did he take over the command and control of the time war.
may 21, 1941. Since the body double for Hess did an extremely bad job in his duty, only the hard core “stick to the documentation” no matter how wrong it is people believe the arrested Hess was the same as the pre evacuated and arrested Hess. So since Hess had evacuated, but he had not been seen or heard of since, he has either been in extreme hiding for the last decades of his life. Or he was placed in charge of the Thule Time War. Which could mean that at some point in 1938, the Nazi’s had gained access to enough of the secrets of the bell and the other technical stuff they needed to in order to make their own bell. That would be the start of the war. Somewhere between 1939-1941. But with the most honest application of the evidence, the structure of the system and how Rudolf Hess if the person arrested and sent to spaunu prison for life were the same person. His sympoms would have been exactly the same as all the other “incorrect” people who had been “inappropriate” with a ystsem. All of his sympoms reflect that of a person suffering from an EST. He was a great pilot, but he could not find Bamburgh castle even though he had flown that route a dozen or more times. A formerly great pilot was literally so feable minded that he could not follow the most simply of instrutions. Berlin to Bamburg is not that difficult of a flight.


America for instance possessed based on the before and after effects of the using the system possessed, one in Orlando, one in Salem Mass, one in Boston, one in Manhattan, one in Tiffin Ohio, one was close to the headwaters of the Mississippi (thank you George Custer for that evidence)  one in Manitou Springs now in Colorado, one in Bellingham Washington State. These were not the only systems, but they have actual evidence regarding their locations.

The Events of history which took place in the third Reich from 1918-1946 did not start or even take place in the 20th century. The overwhelming majority of the events which lead up to the rise of the third Reich did not happen in the 19th century either. Some took place in the 18th century, but a huge amount took place in the 17th century. The 1600s is where the majority of the actions occurred which led directly to the rise of both the Confederacy and its renamed political organization “The Third Reich”.

The British Empire

The British empire holding power on their named Island were finally kicked off the island by the English, who took on the name British to absorb the power the British once had. But the English were never able to hold onto the power the British possessed, it took three centuries for the majority incompenant English to finally lose the grip on power the British  had obtain and maintained for more than two millennia.

when the battles on the island of Britain ended, the British evacuated to Europe and America. Instead of being satisfied with their victory. The English followed and continued to work on erasing the British culture from existence.


Battle of New Amsterdam

September 8, 1664

In the 1600s the British had survived a hard pounding in their own territory by the tutors.

Glorious Revolution, also called the Revolution of 1688,


Leisler's Rebellion

This revolution was a direct response to the Glorious revolution.


The “Free Corp” was set up by Fredrick the Great as a part volunteer military similar to a group of mercenaries. But that was only for cover. The real corp were Spy’s working to infiltrate to find all information regarding the system.

Official Established by Frederick the Great in 15 July 1759, to fight in the Seven Years War, which took place partially in Europe and partially in America. This war was the precursor war to World War I.

The world powers spent the end of the 1700s and the entire 1800s preparing for the inevitable war. The Seven Years War aka the French and Indian War can be seen as a dress rehearsal for the real thing which occurred a hundred and sixty some years later. The technology used to fight the battles changed and updated, but the reasons for he battles were the same from the 1600s to the last bullet fired. The reasons were about world domination after the collapse of the British culture taken over by the English which then adopted the name British to make themselves feel important. However they could not rise to the level of most parts of the culture the British had obtained.


The middle of the 1700s was the cascade effect from the British Cultures military back was finally broken. After more than several centuries of constant War with virtually every enemy imaginable. The British in the 1600s were finally conquered by the English and the English worked hard to reestablish the British dominance over the world. But they were no were as good as the British. The other cultures which had been battling against the British for the previous several centuries knew this and took advantage of the English wearing the mask of the British. The English were not as good at most things as the world class British. The English had only started to mature as a culture, while the British had matured millennia ago and had maintained from Troy and the 18th dynasty.

To combat the threat from the British (actually English) the cultures involved chose to form their own para-military unites and of course spy organizations. Those other cultures were afraid the English managed to steal the System secrets from the British, but they were wrong.

The evidence they were wrong comes from the actions the English directly assisted in the War against the remaining British in America and of course assisted strongly in seizing control over the British colonies making them English. This power struggle was fantastic for the English businesses since for decades 1750-1770 they did not have to pay either crown any taxes. A select few made hand over fist profits, but the rest of the colonies economy all but collapsed. The English fought the British for the same reason This Freikorps group in 1918 ordered a promising corporal but great spy to investigate the constantly name changing Thule Society to find out if they were the Frei Korp assumed they were. The spy by the name of Adolf Hitler reported back that not only was this the correct “Think Tank” but this group was much farther along with their system research than was previously assumed.  Which would place this “Think Tank” under the direct assumption they either possessed a system or had one already working.  Which would be the definition of achieving the tasks needed. The goal of the Frei Korp was to seek out the systems and capture at least one.

The plan became to start sending in a few men to join the DAP, as the Frei Korp members began to merge in. Rudolf Hess and Himmler did not notice till it was too late. That Adolf joined and possessed two things. One he possessed a majority voting block and two he was angling to be its next supreme leader. Anton Drexler was the figure head puppet to the DAP, he was a good speaker and better leader. But all he had was hatred to the Jews and the other groups. He hated communism with every fiber of his being. But Adolf was better in most aspects. Which presented a problem. Adolf was smart, charismatic, a leader of the Frei Korps men and a professional spy. He had been a professional spy for most of the previous decade. Having secretly joined the ranks of the spy world after his rejection from architecture school. He was perfect, an orphan, broke, a strong nationalistic supporter, a violent anti-Semite, a soul  level hatred of Communism, and a talented leader. But what he was missing was the formal education needed to rise in the ranks. Which made him a more than perfect slum spy. He was from the slums and had a surname meaning “genetically inferior but still a good person”. Which means in basic, do not breed with this person, but they will work hard for you.

Every time Adolf made a political maneuver his spy network and Frei Korp fellows obviously backed his play. He had a built in voting bloc in the political and military wing. But the more noise he made the less attention was directed at the Thule Society, which was the exact point behind the forming of the DAP in the first place. All the political heat and military attention was directed at the DAP and then the first and second Nazi party leaving the Thule entirely alone.

Which was ok since the nastier the DAP and then the first Nazi party became the more the Thule Society was not on the radar of the Weimar republic. Which was both a great thing and a bad thing.

The great part was the structure of the Thule Society could consolidate power and achieve great research goals. The bad part was as soon as Adolf consolidated his own power over the Nazi party, he automatically demanded to have full and complete access to the research of the Thule Society. Which the members of the Thule Society would never grant him, or any of his loyal troops. From 1920 to the last day of the Nazi party they two battled for supremacy of the research.

The reason the Frei Korp was assembled in the first place was to sneak into any location which might contain a System and learn as much as humanity possible about it. Infiltrating into the Thule Society was not the first joint British Germany Royal family organization the Frei Korp had infiltrated into. Close to the start of the FreiKorp official naming in the Seven years War one of their units was operating in the Ohio River basin. Which part of that river basin would later become the Ohio territory and then the state of Ohio. But before it was part of the Territory into state government organization it was part of a diplomatic agreement between Germany, France and Britain. The Germans did not have much of a presence since they had the ottoman empire trying desperately to conquer their home castles. But the British and the French were far enough away to not be as strongly affected by the ottoman empire. Plus Britain and Paris both possessed working systems which the ottomans would not get close to since they had experienced entirely obliterating devastation previously. The Frei Korp were part of the spy network collective between the Americans, the English, and the Prussians in Tiffin to capture the libraries on either side of the Sandusky river. Since both of those library’s had to contain information about the systems.

A century before the Frei Korp were able to perform sufficient spy missions in Tiffin in the early and middle 1700s to create a large amount of problems if the Ogle family. According to the BOM there was an incredible light show in the middle of the day when the first temple 99 miles away was dedicated in Kirtland Ohio.  Which is only 99 miles from Tiffin.

That light show does point in some ways to the Ogles in Tiffin in 1930 still possessed at least one working System. Since the Ogles were the only large family in Tiffin and had been present for at least 60 years more like a century. But the archaeology from the Maples can only prove the existence back to 1770s. There was a larger Mansion on the property before but that information has been very long since lost to the ravages of time. There were several clandestine battles fought in Tiffin well before it was called that. That name comes from George Tiffin a state legislator who pushed first for Ohio to be a territory and then to be a State. But the problem is the Ogles had been in the area long before Ohio was even a Territory. The ogles had been in Tiffin since long before 1776.

Tiffin contained a large Fort directly next to Tiffin University. That large Fort was present for in basic not much of a good reason since the other major cities in Ohio had larger forts and they were closer. But Tiffin had its own fort. That Fort was positioned directly next to the Tiffin University. Two universities and a significant Fort well away from anything or any threat. But there was also another Castle in the area of Tiffin. Its location has been long erased for history from 1805-1850, why was it erased because the Americans and the Frei Korp did not want a single document showing even the slightest connection between the American city of Tiffin and the previous British inhabitance of the city. But the British (the Ogles are one of the founding families of the British) military presence in Tiffin was strong enough to ensure that the Mormon’s who came though Tiffin were not harmed by the soldiers at Fort Ball.

Not only does not LDS temple point to the System in Tiffin but why the armies in Tiffin well before it was by the English and then America documentation the town in 1820 was nothing more than a few cabins spread out over the area. The documentation is wrong, since the books which make up the libraries of Heidelberg and Tiffin U did not just magically appear out of no were. The Germans who possessed the libraries in Central and Eastern Europe would not give up their collections. So where did rooms and rooms of books come from. The average bookcase of advanced academic works of either the undergrad and or the graduate school level was more valuable than most countries GDP. So where did not one room of books, but two large buildings full of books each come from. The only realistic answer is they came from the Ogle family and were captured in battle in the late 1700s early 1800s by the English and Americas. The Frei Korp spy network assisting in the capture to gain access to those books.

Attempt after attempt at gaining access to the Frankenstein portion of the British/German library was the goal the entire time. The Frei Korp, the Libertine French, English, and of course the Americans possessed not a single double after 1819 that the British specifically the Ogles since Edinburgh, New castle, St John, etc Universities were all built on the land of the Ogle Kingdom. New Castle is literally only 12 miles south east from Ogle castle. Edinburgh University (which has one of the best medical schools in the word) is only 92.1 miles north of Ogle Castle .


Including the time the undocumented Frei Korp were present during and previous to the Salem Witch Trials. Frederick I the Mercenary King immediately after ascending to the throne, worked with is spy network from where he had sent them including Tiffin and Salem to assemble the needed information in order to replace the stolen Amber Room. The Prussians spent a considerable amount of time and resources to capture that system, attacking the specific city where the system had been located according to the Frei Korp spy’s or whatever they were called previous to 1750. The Prussian’s knew of the system had plenty of evidence from several sources, including the Salem Witch trials. But the Germans saw the Prussian army coming decades before they did and moved the system out of the way long before they arrived. To cover the story, Freidrick I ordered than an immediate pre-placement be built, that fake was built in Charlottenburg Palace located in Berlin. But this was not the location of the German amber room, it was the location of the fake replica. But the spy’s in 1701 could only assemble bits and pieces of information about the System and the control room/amber room from their adventures. So Fredrick took what he could and ordered the fake built. A bit over a decade later this fake was given to the Russians as a gift. To show the devastating importance of this room and the system it is connected with one only needs to look at the amount of time and trouble the Frei Korp spy network went from 1690-1945 in working as hard as they could to discover what the system was and how it worked. They knew about the British so they went to anywhere the British had a foothold of power and worked their spy magic in order to force those around to give them what they demanded.

In Salem the yet to be named Frei Korp were actively engaged in open battles with the British and the German’s. The Battles in Massachusetts south to New York were occurring at the exact same time as the events which lead to the Salem Witch Trials. Those conquests ended 11 days after the trials began. The hard evidence regarding the afflicted girls sworn testimony regarding what was happening is almost word for word of what the after affect symptoms of Electric Shock Therapy are. Straight out of the Physicians’ Desk Reference.

The German Frei Korp itself was forced to have their actions documented in 1740 when Maria Theresa of Austria and the Prussians began to conflict with each other. The conflicts in the wars between the super powers and their connections with other super powers and which superpowers had diplomatic agreements with each other is where the Frei Korp operated within. The more confusing an area is, the more that area can be a gold mine for clandestine intelligence workers. The Conflicts between Maria Theresa and the Prussian’s did not stop when her youngest daughter was married off to the dauphine of France. Marie Antoinette and the Prussian conflict only intensifies to the point of a revolution. The Prussians strongly and whole heartedly backed the libertine French with anything the Frei Korp could give them in order to topple the monarchy. Why topple the monarchy. That is a simply but extremely complex answer.

The guillotine had two things which have been so buried in history that the secrets have been missed for more than 200 years. The first secret is that the blade itself was electrified.

Image result for madame tussauds royal death masks Image result for madame tussauds royal death masks Marie Antoinette and King Louis XVI decapitated heads. Notice the heads are literally both extremely well cut the blade was beyond razor sharp. And two even though the executions were beyond extremely bloody. A decapitated head will pump most of the volume of blood out of the arteries in the neck rather quicklyImage result for madame tussauds royal death masks(the amount of blood is less than a small fraction of the amount of real blood which would have sprayed out. Most of the red is not blood but electrical burns). The body and head both die of exsanguinations in very short order. But the most important part is, the blood by every single documented account of exsanguinations account is missing. The square where the heads were decapitated was not the center of a plague outbreak within a few weeks to months after more than 500,000 gallons of blood spilled out in the same square feet of space. Without modern cleaning techniques and supplies, the disease outbreak would have been a plague outbreak the likes of which would have devastated Paris for the next years. But no outbreak was reported period. So the blood stayed in the body and in the head. But the cuts were like every cut was made with a specially resharpend blade. Which is also impossible since on some days the amount of people executed exceeded a hundred. The blade was still sharp on cut one as it was on the last cut.

The structure of the executions using the guillotine in Paris, could be when, where, and how tesla figure out in the decades to come how to go about rigging electrical apparatus around order to either catch the 7 grams from  persons death and or the electricity from a couple in an intimate embrace.

the executions could have been a way in which to allow for the application of the death energy e.g. the 7 grams to be captured by the machine and be transferred to either the system in the  park between the machine and the Louvre and or the Louvre and where the bastille used to be. The bastille was a prison.

but was the bastille part of a system which relied upon the portions of the prison used for torture and those used for intimacies. could those have been working portions of the bastille the Nazi’s invaded France and specifically Paris to find out.

was researching the systems the primary reason the Nazi’s in effect reinvaded Paris. the Nazi’s were a full-fledged offshoot of the frei korp. the frei korp were Prussian. which means most of what the Nazis did was all illusion to make sure the Prussian connections were never made.

did Tesla figure out how to collect that electricity, did the French in Paris more than a century previous learn how to collect that electricity. did tesla figure out how to collect that specific electricity by gaining access to library caches in Colorado springs. The French royal family did evacuate out of France to Colorado, well when Colorado was not yet Texas. but mostly to the history of that area is pure mythology based on the cultures which followed and their somewhat loose connections between truth and propaganda.

But what is even more interesting evidence is that the entirely contraption the second the reign of terror was over and the blade came down for the last time, the entirely machine was immediately dismantled and destroyed. The government wanted it immediately hide any and all aspects of the machine the second its use was finished. That means the machine itself contained secrets that the French Government did not want anyone to know about.

The guillotine was connected toe the system and the system ran electricity through the blade, which means the wounds were instantly cauterized.

The system and of course the machine were diamante immediately after the revaluation because the Libertine Government figured out very quickly that they technology was about to land in the wrong hands. The Prussians amongst a dozen other very bad cultures wanted that technology and would stop at nothing to obtain it. Including manipulation anyone and any situation to get their enemies to kill each other for them, then move in during the chaos and take what they wanted.

The future King Louis XVI. That marriage occurred partially because the marriage was needed to maintain the Systems of France. Louis XVI was not properly trained in the systems, since his grandfather was not properly trained either. His Grandfather was an expert in the systems operation, but the talent obviously skipped his grandson Louis XV.







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