Manitou Armageddon


The armies of the world were gathered around to the West of Manitou Springs Texas and started a War to seize control over the Tabernacle of Adam System in that city.


What is beyond fascinating are the facts regarding what LDS documentation dictates as to what happened.

Smith might have been called into service as a field commander to cover the evacuating citizens out of Manitou.


Manitou was under Armageddon structural attack. Two good cultures with armies to match with a electro magnetics WMD. That weapon was used several times to defend themselves from genocide, but there comes a time when killing all the enemy in a single stroke is just as bad as what the enemy is doing.


When this occurs, it is time to pack up the weapon and ship it out of harmís way. Enter first the LDS Missionaries, and then Smith himself


The story of Armageddon is that the good armies allies together and occupy a specific city, in this case the capital city of the host country. The cultures present have already been conquered and they evacuate from there cityís and country to the capital of the host country.

The enemies follow and are bound and determined to not only conquered the people, killing many and putting into a state of slavery the rest but to take the power away from the host country.


They have items the enemies want and will stop at nothing to take.

Usually a library to either take the information or destroy it and a weapon of some type.


Taking the weapon is the only way to ensure that the host country will not use it against their enemies. The enemies wants to use said weapon against everyone else. So since they would not hesitate to use the weapon against anyone; they are sure the host city will not hesitate to use the weapon they possess against them. So they have to take it and use it before it can be used against them.


This is the same War which raged against the Tower of Babel. The host in this case the Tower of Babel aka the Eridu Ziggurat possessed both the Golden Plates of Destiny and a Tabernacle of Adam System. Terah was so seized by fear he could not function until he possessed that weapon.

He was so seized by fear that he had to go to Eridu which was only about 20 miles away and destroy the entire thing. So that he the weapon would not be used against him.


This is the same as the city of Troy. The enemy has been searching for the power of god and every time they find it, they attack without mercy anyone who has it other than themselves. Despite the fact that they were not supposed to have it at all.


Esauís descendants have held onto the city of Mecca for close to 4500 years (mostly non-stop) because the Kaaba is a very edited down to nothing Tabernacle of Adam System. However it is not actual a system anymore.

It stop being a system when the major of it was destroyed before Esau and Jacob arrived. The buildings minus one Kaaba were dismantled and shipped to Egypt so that Jacob would be in charge of them.

This angered Esau to literally no end. His rage regarding his brother was immeasurable before, after he found out the people he just genocided had dismantled the machine and shipped it to Israel so that Jacob when he arrived back home could take care of it property. He had a mental break and in effect sold his soul to the devil to get even by sending a fallen to kill his brother.

That fallen did not achieve that goal, The fallen was defeated in battle.


Jacob arrived home to find several Tabernacle of Adam Systems up and working in his kingdom of Isreal which in inside Egypt.


The Battle of Armageddon mostly likely will be a modern day repeat of the Tower of Babel War.

Battling over control of the Mechanism of the Weave of Time.








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