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The Amber city; Heaven


Inner Sanctum Sanctorum FreeMasonry, up the amber staircase.


North umber Land; North (in this case means the old North [old king Coel] reference umber. Umber means sacred and or holy place of; specifically divine (up/vertical) defined location. In most references to said; there is a s specific family associated/divine caretakers of the land. Land; specifically designated with boundaries and geographical specification regarding said area.

Ogle is a shortened version of the original Gaelic name.

Yr Hen Ogledd; which means almost exactly the same thing as Northumberland. But her and Yr specifically references the old north (vertical) divinely touched aka Royal family tasked with being caretakers of the land.


Ogle Royal family using their navy; traveled to Constantinople in order to obtain copies and or original works from the Constantinople library. The Ogle family (O and U in old and middle English are interchangeable. UGLE will be very familiar to all FreeMasons) starts to assemble a library in Northumberland. The family begins to have a reputation for having many scholars; some of which become experts in ancient dead languages.




A possible connection between Ogle�s, Jews, Hyksos, Egyptians, and this graphic . Yr Hen Ogledd means not the words but what is in brief happening in the graphic. The streaming light from the sun, pouring into a specifically selected family, in a specifically selected geographical area.


Adding in the Tut unpublished DNA results connects Northumerland and the Jacob line descended Amenhotepiv; his daughter and the empire Meritaten by theory aka Scotia aka Britannia, etc. created. Bringing the throne/plates of destiny with her which turned into the throne of destiny

Scone originally an unleavened biscuit made from oats. Cut into triangular portions. Scone could be a representative of the Egyptian past regarding the Jacobs line descendants Amenhotep was descended from; having seized the Pharaonic throne from Esau/Hyksos line circa 1600s. When Ironically a huge influx of Eastern Mediterranean settlers arrived in the UK called the Druid.

The throne of destiny and the plates of destiny from Eridu have a great deal in common. Eridu has another name; �The tower of Babel� being only 20 miles away from Ur. Ur is by legend where Abraham and his family are from; the Eridu ziggurat was sacked and razed at aboutthe same time a massive battle raged around Ur. That same battle sequence started at least in part at Ur but extended west to Egypt; marked by the carbon left from battle. Tower of babel chapter 11 most of chapter 12 takes place in Egypt. From chapter 12 for the rest of Genesis takes place mostly in Egypt. Of course genesis ends circa 2600 b.c.e; the exodus starts 1500 years later circa 1250 b.c.e. Only enough space to have the entire Roman empire raise, have power, and fall with 0 mention.

DNA evidence which the Egyptians refuse to release to the public by speculation show King Tut�s ancestors were from Northumberland southern Scotland areas.


Pre-roman invasions

Roman invasions

St Helena

Arthurian times 350-650; wales till recent centuries did not have a sufficient population size to maintain a described army. No major battles of described size took place around Wales. By default Wales and Cardiff could not be where Camelot was. Have to look for evidence of a sufficient army size, contracts with various countries mercenary forces, and sufficient sized battles. Only one place and one Royal family possessed said in sufficient quantities.

Picts revolt

Exile in Holland

1066; return from Holland

General information



General information



War of the Roses; Ogle's were on the wrong side of the war

Oliver Cromwell; few if any pleasant exchanges

Tudors; Henry took a specific dislike to the Ogles.

Ogles in America

General information


New York


Frederick Maryland

NewCastle to Chicago; a hundred towns between settled and trade routes established.


USA and the Ogle Family