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·      List of Projects;  excerpts from upcoming books and booklet series

o    Battle of Bellingham The Trojan War 

China Death from Above

o  History of Bellingham Washington

o  History of the Lions Inn Motel

o   History of the Lions Inn Motel Series

o  Bellingham Washington State and Rome

o   Vancouver Washington

o  The Truth about the Slave Trade

o  Jerusalem

o  Futhark aka Runes


o  Ogle Family Trade Routes

o  Ogle Trade Route Cities

·      Bellingham, Manitou, St Augustine, Orlando/Jerusalem, Tiffin Ohio,

o  Garden of Eden

o  Pictish Revolt

o  Vikings

o  Armageddon

o  Israel the real  location

o  Masonic

§  Ogle Rite

§  The story of Adam

§  The Pyramids

§  The Legend of the Noachite Rite

§  Akhenaten aka Amenhotep iv

§  Meritaten

§  Scottia

§  Jesus

§  Papacy

§  Sphinx and the Lions Grip.htm

§  Levitation and  King Solomon Temple


§  The Lions Paw

§  Plates of Destiny

§  Tome of Jacob aka Sword of Jacob aka Sword of Troy

§  Masonry and Robin Hood

§  Masonry and the Legend of Sleepy Hollow

§  Esau

·      Causeways

·      Khufu Cheops Pyramid

·      Great Library

·      Western Academics

·      Archaeology Ignores

·      Basic Scientific Criticism is “Fight Club”

Graphic Images; Pages  a collection of the images made to illustrate my ideas.