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This site is dedicated to researching ancient cultures.


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There is a large number of products which have been developed based on the research T R Welling has assembled.

Including finding the fixing the math of the ancient Nordic Germany Calendar, Fixing the math and adding significant level of information not found in all other rune Futhark areas.

The product T Calendar (among hundreds more) was found by TR Welling, researched, math fixed, assembled, and now available as a product by TR Welling.

The T Calendar was named based on how the Julian and Gregorian Calendars were named. My first name is T. ; so I named my calendar and draw the logos myself regarding the product T Calendar. Only a small fraction of the T Calendar is the Mid-Summer Elder Futhark Calendar. First the math was required to be fixed; since the Futhark calendar as is was translated into Julian at 220 ce. Making an automatic 14 day error. Second the last two characters were flipped as a decryption key to lead later generations to find the connection between the Futhark and one of its child language Hebrew. All this was done almost exclusively by T T. R. Robert Welling; with minor suggestions along the way from friends and teachers.

There are two products,

The first is the general mid-summer T Calendar which is only the Futhark calendar (math fixed) wrapped in the packaging of the Gregorian.

Second is a personalized calendar; which uses the same exact math equation from mid-summer for your birthday.


FreeMasonry and the Futhark


Many more products and art to come.

This fall 3d sculptures of the aetts aspect of research from the Erdology discipline.


T Calendar






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