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The actual definition of Genius is not a person with an excessively high IQ, it is a person who acts as a conduit between the in effect god/schema/quantum thinking the Romans used the name Janus to symbolize this concept.

The character of Janus is said to have been part of the Greco-Roman theocracy.

By the culture using the Memento Mori Ceremony; the in-effect quantum field would be “powered” by the 8 grams of electricity which comes off the human at death.

The Culture performs the 3 acts, which are based on the Legend of the Noahite Rite.

Where father Noah was used by his community as a “Two Way Radio” between god in Heaven and Humans.

That two-way radio which Noah was the conduct for that task fell to his successor. His three sons were in basic forced to compete to find out who would be the next “leader” of their people.

To be the next two way radio with god.

The Memento Mori ceremony itself came directly through the Legend of the Noachite Rite.

The Romans first used the Memento Mori of the Janus Temple where the Vatican Hill used to be. That hill or collection of Hills used to have a Temple of Janus to the west and a smaller Crucifixion area to the east. The two faces of Janus.

The temple or more appropriately the complex of temples to the west were st peters basilica is in the present (courtesy of Leonardo Da Vinci designing the remodel as in part punishment for his involvement with the Invasion of Italy by the French. Leo was in effect the Vilnius School Master of Versailles. The story of Red October was strongly inspired by the Brothers Grimm who chronicled the students who came out of Leo’s Polytechnical School Versailles. When they went back home, they were the most educate person within about 100 miles. So obviously sufficiently advanced science in indistinguishable from Magic. The magics performed were that of extremely advanced science.) was designed as Vitruvian man the legs together from Leo’s drawing. Versailles arms and legs wide of Vitruvian man and St Peters Basilica being the legs closed version.

Where the Dome is now is where the Main Temple of Janus was located, till a few weeks to a month after the crucifixion of Jesus. When it was obliterated from all documentation and the population of Rome went from more than a million citizens x3 to 5 noncitizen slaves. Within 200 years the population of the city had dropped to less than 50k. Within 200 more years the population of Rome with city itself had dropped below 10k. Outright genocide of one group of the citizens against any and all who questioned their authority caused a huge population drop. Paul's begat mass murdered 100ks in the first 4 centuries in power at the Vatican. A huge chunks of the remaining populations over the generations some traveled to Egypt to live. A chunk of the core of the Hyksos left the Mediterranean entirely and headed back to Mecca, their ancestors has left to go on a Jew hunt several millennia previously. It was those families who set up the function and structure to allow Mohamed and Abu Bakr to do their thing.

In effect Mohammed and Abu Bakr are byproducts of the same Janus ceremony Memento Mori Genius inspiration than the Roman Empire itself was founded on.

Part 1a the culture performs some type of violence; seeding in effect the communities Quantum Field (Quantum thought) with 7 grams of electricity.

The culture seals the deal with the second act which is Part 1b; some type of intimacy. To seal the electrical transference.

Part 2 some type of celebratory parade. In effect to charge and or super charge the quantum field so that the intelligence of Janus would then allow a “spark of inspiration” to affect someone who can then rely the spark from Janus aka Genius to those who can do something about it.

The community has a large collection of electricity.

This Genius thing is in part the foundation the Jihad concept. 1a to sacrifice as many “Beast” to the glory of God as possible. 1b to obtain 72 virgins in paradise. Part 2 the community celebrates the sacrifice. The Beasts are in essence the descendants of Helen and Paris; the founding Royal families of Europe.







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