The story of Pandora is that of a female system worker.


It was not a box, but an amphorapandora. A large pottery Jar, which she uses upside down; by sitting on it. To sit on in an undainty format. it is rather obvious what she is performing sitting on the Jug. A close up of a logo

Description automatically generated The Jug is in the form of a Pyramid.



The story of Pandora is a bit more interesting than Pan in one specific aspect, since it directly involves the function and structure of the Earths Electro-Magnetic waves out, being captured in the wake of the Solar Wing. That the Solar Wind captures in a recorded format the Electro-Magnetic waves from the present and past. Which through the use of that machine (the box/amphora) can be accessed and read. The description of Pandora is her box/amphoria reads among other htings “Hel”.

All the nasty, disgusting, violent, etc. things which humans to do each other. Those actions are Electro-Magnetic waves out which the planet broadcasts out to the solar wing which records them.

In a very real way, what the solar wind is recording is the Monotheism concept of Hell.




That amphora is very similar to the amphora Noah is depicted with. The Jug he is depicted with usually points to his being an Alcoholic. However the source of those paintings and descriptions are usually anti-Semitic cultures who want to depict Jews as badly as possible. So a Jug which means something entirely differnet, is shown as a symbol of drinking too much.


The story of Pandora is difficult to understand since most of what was happening in those story describes divine talents which have been outlawed and erased from the culture for the last three entire millennia.

Those with said knowledge are by default shunned into their going away or silence. which achieves the same goal

Pandora the story in its most basic elements is a story of a person, in this case female who interact with an external device in this case a jug.

That Jug she is given, and entrusted not to open it.

She does and unleashes the worst of the worst in human behavior.

Rage, bitterness, anger, hate, etc.

She manages to close to device.

A voice inside the jug begs and pleads for her to open the box and let it out.

After some chatting, she finally agrees and opens the jug again.

This time hope comes out and overcomes the other nastyness.

Define in better terms an ancient divine two way radio.

She chats with it, it chats back, she chats with it some more, etc.

This is a device which makes communication with other worldly things possible.



The story of Pandora and the Story of Medusa have more than a few things in common.


When Medusa was “banished” there is no reason to assume she was not sold into slavery to the King of Knossos. That sold into slavery would be as the King’s Wife.


The slave Jewish Queen of Knossos after the Hyksos took the city from the culture the Cycladic gave it to as they evacuated the Aegean for Italy.


If this has any resemblance of truth, than it would have been two “intimately divine talented” people in an embrace to produce the minotaur.


Why would the Hyksos king want a Jewish slave bride, because if medusa she would by default know how to work with them the Cycladic left behind.


Pandora was likely not connected to Knossos during this time, other than Pandora and Medusa were trained to the same level in the system.

Also the title “Alma” this word means trained in the annuls or almanac (Alma)nac. The system operates based on the patterns and the motions of time.

A double reference to time, one in the system, and two in the word alma.


The Blessings which are present in this talent can come from adult activity.







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