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The Prussian FreiKorp Terror Cell leaders Donnie Trump and Adolf Hitler


The Prussian Empire

The Teutonic Knights

Prussian Army

Prussian Spy groups

Spy Groups name changing

x named to changed to FreiKorp

FreiKorp knowing full well they could never sustain shield wall to shield wall wiath any competing army. The Prussians centuries ago

The Teutonic Knights and Fatimah

Fatimahs Secret Journey after the events listed below, despite whatever happened to her. Her version of Islam, some of her kids, and of course the portions of her assemgbgled culture who evacuated out of Britain and Rome before those key battles they headed to Byzantium, since Fatimahís mother was a member of the Ogle family. Constiantine was a member of the Ogle family. The Byzanatium Empire itself was a take off from the name Prince of Troy Brutu the son of Aeneas and Queen Dido. Queen Dido was the widow of King Tut who was killed in battle against Moses. As he was taking his newly captured Jewish slave shield wall to troy to kill other Jews. Which cascaded directly into the Trojan War, which cascaded directly into following Aeneas to central Italy and the half a millennia wars which followed which the Romans worked very hard from 753-present to erase any and all evidence those years existed at all. The rise and fall of the roman empire was then amplified into the very short lived rise of Empress Fatimah,

Fatimah ordered those closes to her father to build an Evacuation route out of the reach of Abu Bakr. He had tiried to kill her on sverl occiations and had spent the previous 18 months orking very hard to forced MOhmaed to back up his boasting andperform the Memento Mori 3 act cdermeony to prove he was equal to Jesus. Prove it, by taking poison or some other form of death, but before the death use the 1b intimacy part to do the soul transference. Then come back and parade around, fi you manage to achieve that goal I Abu Bakr will swear my soul to worshipping you as Janus.

After more than a year of manipulation Mohammed agreed.

During that manipulation Fatimah set up a evacuation rout from Mecca to Rome.

Mecca to the Red Sea

The Red Sea to the Nile

Nile downriver to Egypt

To Heirakonopolis

To THiebes/Luxor

To the Pyrmids

The Memphis

To Khufu


To Alexandira

Convdrign her version of Islam along the way

Gathering up long ago descendants of Roman culture along the way

Claimign to be a direct descennta of Romulus

Showing a double pedigree from both father and mother sides had direct ties to Romulus.

At Alexandria west to Carthage


Carthage north to Rome

Rome claiming her position as Empress

Making the Vatican a Mosque 632 ce

Sending her culture and army back to Carthage, while she sat in Rome with an army much larger than those present. THE largest most blood thirsty armies mostly always win, she performed the Odyssey Bow Test and was granted her title.

Of course there was very little infrastructure in the city to opposite her, her army more than tripled the population in total of the city.

Her culture continued to convert and spread the word from carthage to Tangier where the order was to go up into Iberia to convert and protect the west flank.

Tangiers to Iberia

Iberia to France

In France she joined back up with her in effect horde to establish herself as the new empress of Rome and reestablish the ancient boundaries of the empire.

In Paris she was met with some great enthusiasm from the descendants of the Romans, and bitter dislike from the Parissi

Paris to the English Channel

English Channel to Dover

Dover to London

London to North Umber Land the Kingdom of her mother

The Kingdom of her mother the current king her in effect step dad

She met with mom and family; she was rejected close to instantly, she was not her mothers child she as her dads child through and through. she was offended they would not accept her religion or her Roman title of Empress

The PIctish Revolt begins

The pictish war is fought tooth and nail from 635-650

Loosing a string of battles Fatimah is forced to evacuate Britain

She sends part of her forces and the bulk of her family to Constantinople the rest follow her back to Rome

Back k Rome the armies of the world gather and go to war at Lake Nemi

Her cultural descendants and family who evacuated out of Britain to Constantinople. are one spur of the foundation culture of the Teutonic Knights


France Paris



The Teachings of the Evil Priest Paul

Paul becomes Pharaoh Nero

Paulís begat conquered the Roman Catholic Church








The Rome Romans the descendants from Romulus from the army of Agamemnon returned to Mecca somewhere post the execution of Caesar (which more than likely took place in extreme hast on the Traitors Poll directly in front of the Curia Julii. His crime somehow it was finally proven to the satisfaction of the senate that he was a Jew. The reaction from the citizenry and the Julii family was swift

Rome battle over Mecca from 30 bce to 580 the descendants of Romulus started to remove themselves from Rome to return first to Egypt then learned that they were descendants from the Hyksos through Agamemnon, the Hyksos originated in Mecca. They are the descendants of Esau the brother of Jacob. Which did not please the Romans but their soul purposed to find and erase Jews from existence finally made at least some level of scene.

Eventually after centuries of warfare the cultures both merged and several were genocided out of existence.

Which ushered in the age of Mohamed.







Adolf a descendant of Fatimah

Is Trump a descendant of Fatimah







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