Mary Antoinette


More than 90% of this woman’s life is pure fiction.

First she was not executed in Paris.

Second she lived the rest of her life in either America and or in N. Ireland.

Third she was an efficient field commander. Not good with diplomacy at the start; but she was forced to get good at it.

Fourth her presence in Manitou Colorado forced her legend to be merged with that of General Palmers wife Mary Lincoln (Queen) Mellen; the title of Queen for Marie merged with the title of Queen for Mrs. Palmer.

Although most of the story about her is pure fiction, made up by Palmer and his aids to cover the truth about the situation.

There is no record of the Mellen family in that area of Pulaski County Kentucky pre or post more than a decade. A very old man Mellen lived in Pulaski county years previous but he had no children.


The whole story of the Palmers living outside of Colorado Springs most of the time on vacation is pure fantasy. the conflicts and battles raging between his clandestine forces and the confederates under the command of Margret Davis-Hayes has been all but entirely hidden behind a façade of propaganda. Everything in Colorado Springs from 1870-1910 was wonderful and beautiful. However all actual evidence points to an entirely different story.


From 1792-1810 possibly 20 we have the French Royal family with the British Royals living in Manitou battling the worlds armies gathered to kill them. So they can be erased from history and the modern industrial world can begin.

The family’s need to be destroyed at least according to their enemies because they held back the Holy Roman Empires’ Frankenstein section of the Library.

Copies of which Mary Shelley used as a base for her Dr. Frankenstein character and his resurrecting a monster by using a Tabernacle of Adam System. Instead of just one person, Dr wanted to collect the best attributes from several people and make a “Super Human”.

The French and British had already proved through a variety of ways that they did in fact possess extremely advanced electro magnetics knowledge. They did possess a machine which could bring someone back from the dead. But they refused outright to give those secrets to anyone outside the most trained and disciplined of their culture.

The British are directly connected with the Alexandria Lighthouse. To all descriptions a Weapon of Mass destruction. The British were directly connected to Camelot and the amazing things they could do.

The French did sufficient research in magnetic levitations to build a ship capable of levitating over water for a considerable distance. one of those ships carried them out of France and finally up to Bancroft Park Old Colorado City. Not to mention the guillotine was electrified.

That library the romans possessed which the French took part of that collection to America contained information about the Hanging Gardens of Babylon.


All that advanced technology and it was being held back by cultures who would not use it to become a superpower. The real superpowers demanded to be in control of those weapons. Those weapons would be used for evil.

Those same cultures had already used some of their technology to genocide the Jews, Muslims, etc. any and every enemy they had they used their weapons against. There is less than zero reason to assume the an electrical WMD would not be used to erase the Jews and other enemies form the face of the world.

Since as a matter of the hardest fact the cultures who wages genocidal war against the British and the French Royally families in Exile in Manitou continue to fight them in Bellingham, and continue to fight them in Northern Ireland. Their descendants in some pockets were in full throated and completely support of the rise of both the Confederacy and the sons of the confederacy think tanks which lead to the Thule Society.

The aim of those armies was to genocide their enemies. No matter what it took.


Thus wave of Jewish Hatred dates all the way back in Europe to the waves of extremism from Fatimah.





TR Welling