Roman Emperors


The Entire point to changing the Roman Republic into Imperial Rome was to give the Empire over to the Messiah to Rule over the Empire in peace and joy.

However evil and the cancers of men chose to corrupt the great ideas presented and turn good and holy into evil and the worst possible situations for the world.



Julius Caesar The first Emperor and and

Cleopatra no matter how you slice the evidence, Cleopatra was Empress of Rome from the point her husband was executed till Augustus took over as Emperor after the Battle of Actium. After Actium Augustus was appointed Emperor because Cleopatra evacuated out of the Mediterranean in order to achieve other goals. Those goals included preparing the way for her children and grandchildren to have happy lives while trying to avoid them all being killed by the Roman Senate and relate army’s.

Cleopatra evacuated to the Kingdom of Ogle, to set up defenses to prevent the Kingdom of Ogle from falling to the Romans. Which has been a plan to conquer and destroy the Kingdom of Ogle since practically the time of the Pyramids. The Pyramid’s are of course 2600-2100 bce, but the Hyksos (renamed Dorian/Avaris/roman/English) invaded Egypt and forced the Old Kingdom to evacuate. The Hyksos promised to follow and destroy them. When the name changed to Romans hit the Kingdom of Ogle from 50 bce – 680 the Romans were stopped dead in their tracks. They hit that wall which would eventually be called “Hadrian’s Wall” and could push no further without being entirely defeated by the Ogle army just north of the wall. Those defenses were set up over the course of 1400 years by the 18th dynasty and then the Ptolemaic family.

Octavian was what Augustus birth name was before the battle of Actium when Cleopatra finally lost a battle and was forced to abandon the Empress Throne and evacuate out of the Mediterranean. After that Battle which Mark Anthony chose to run blocker and sailed his ships directly into that of the enemy fleets. So that he gave Cleopatra a huge opening in their defenses to sail due west. Sailing due west allowed for Cleopatra to sail directly to Italy, pick up the necessaries and her kids (Minus Caesarian aka Tiberius), more ships, and sail out of the Mediterranean for what would be called Northumberland in about 900 years. After the invention of English of course. Octavian claimed victory, despite the fact that his by marriage to his great uncle relative Cleopatra and her Roman Man at Arms achieved their battle plan, he claimed victory non the less. The whole captured taken to Alexandria and committed suicide has less than zero basis in fact, and in all hard reality based on psychological profiles of all the people and groups involved has no basis in any type of reality. She was an enemy of the state, she would have been taken into chains and driven in a cage to Rome to be put on trial in the Roman Forum, then executed right then and their for being an “Enemy of the State”. The story can only be believed because those who hated her were the only ones allowed to write what happened, the documents which survived history were the ones written by those how hated the entire Julii line. They told whatever story they wanted to, which on all accounts minus the most basic were pure hard fictions.

Shortly after the Battle of Actium, when Cleopatra was by the senate no longer a threat, Octavian was give the titles of Pharaoh and Emperor; which the appropriate pharaoh name change came with it Augustus. Caesarian did not go with his mother because he had been captured by Octavian shortly after his birth and held prisoner as an insurance policy. If Caesar or Cleopatra or even the Senate moved against Octavian to kill him, the first killed would have been Caesarian. To hide these details from the people and the history books, Caesarians name was changed to Tiberius.

Augustus the emperor after Cleopatra, and great nephew of Julius Caesar and a favorite of the Roman Senate. Although he raised Tibreious as his own, he was also a rather brutal and disgusting inloco parantia. But since he was who he was and of course he was also a senate favority, no matter what he did, all was ok.

Tiberius the first born son of Julius Caesar and Cleopatra. His Reign was a forced situation from Augustus and the Senate. They both had to agree to said Emperorship, but specifically the senate since Augustus was dead by then hated every second this person was alive. And did everything in the power of the senate to under mind his authority. Most of what has been written about him has no basis in realioty.

Caligula this persons heritage is entirely uncertain, his mother and father by official records are both fiction. His father Germanicus is a pure fiction, Germanicus did not exist. His family did not have lands in Rome Proper. This person is a created fiction by Augustus and the Senate to hide the truth parnanate of Caligula and the next emperors in the Julii line. Most everything about Caligula is a lie, the senate demanded to become reality. Caligula’s reign was in basic

Roman Forum is where the trial of Jesus took place. The Trial started in the forum but the 13 Stages of the Cross culminating in the Crucifixion which interesting enough took place where the Vatican Hill used to be. But was quarried by the Roman Army shortly after the events in question to prevent the site from turning into a Holy Pilgrimage site. Which those efforts all but entirely failed in mythic proportions. However the Evil Priest Paul’s actions on the other hand and his descendants did manage to fictionalize the location of the Crucifixion from Rome Proper to Levant lands, in order to give Paul the power of the Crucifixion and he became the head of the Vatican. All he needed to do was kill anyone who questioned his authority, minus the roman senators. To them he was nothing but a puppet, not unlike and in truth almost exactly like Adolf Hitler was a puppet to the Prussian Empire. The Prussian Empire itself was also in large and substantial part a descendant of the Roman Empire. But that story is very very long and extremely complex.

Claudius this person and of course the one which follows are two emeprors of the Claudio Julii Dynasty which have the most difficult and unbelievable history. Despite the Senate documents, those men were not who the senate wanted the world to believe they were. Not only did they have no real parents, both of them their back story is entirely fiction. They poof into existence and most of their entirely family line is poof into existnce. They and all of their relatives were fictionsn. The truth for Claudius and Nero is very simple.

Claudius was based on complex statistical analysis was Jessu Christ. But he was not killed by when the senate claimed he was, that is also fiction. Claudius lived into being a very old man, his reign ended at the same time as his arch nemesis Nero. Who himself was actually the evil priest Paul. Paul had already name changed to found his church which was set up to teach the exact opposite lessons of that which Jesus taught. Jesus was teaching goodness and light; Paul taught rage and hatred.

Nero the evil priest Paul aka the Aposile Paul, despite the fact that he had less than zero to do with any of the events in question. he was struck with his “vision” of Jesus 5 full years after the crucifixion. No matter how nice the documentation is presented his guy was a full on sociopath which serious megalomania attributes.

Nero being renamed from Paul renamed from whatever his name was previous was emperor because the senate decided to appoint two empeorrs. Have Claudius be “secret emepreor” because they could not kill him and appointed Paul to be nero and be public emeprror. Secret emperor to keep the Jews and the erly Christians happy, Paul was public because in public he ws simply a senate puppet. Whatever the senate wanted Paul did, and because Paul by then controlled a huge portion of the population of the both rome proper and the roman empire. Christianity was spreading like wildfire. Of course, this is in part due to the theory that the crucifixion took place in Rome at the Vatican Hill; and that the crucifixion itself was witnessed by most of the people of Rome. As word spread of more than a million people eye witnessing a miracle, the power of the new religion spread far and wide fast. The problem is, Paul and his psychopathy demanded was to be Jesus. When Jesus was elevated to pharaoh

4 emperors

Vespasian the Emperor after the 4 emperors. He most likely killed at least one of them if not several. Vespasian was an absolute favorite of the Roman Senate. He promised them money, power, the eradication of the Jewish/Christian problem, and he promised them he would expand the empire to unimaginable heights. He delivered on most of his promises, the only one he could not deliver is on the eradication of the Jewish/Christian problem. Despite the fact that he conquered Levant Lands Jerusalem, had the main Jewish temple disassembled, moved to Rome piece by piece, reassembled a few hundred feet from the original roman senate chamber/Roman Forum to be built into the Coliseum. So that Jews and Christians could be human sacrificed to the greater glory or Rome.







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